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PVCu Windows

If you’re looking to give your property a new look that offers low maintenance and a contemporary style, choose PVCu windows. At Trade Windows, we’ve had 25 years of experience in fitting secure, attractive, and low maintenance PVCu windows and we know they’re an attractive choice for any home. PVCu windows can add classic style to your home, along with the modern benefits the material provides making them an ideal timber alternative window. This makes them a great choice for traditional properties looking to preserve their charm without the upkeep timber requires, and new properties wanting to maintain their contemporary style.

The benefits of replacing your windows with new PVCu windows

It’s easy to keep PVCu windows attractive for years to come as the paint-free material never scratches, makes them easy to clean and never needs to be painted.

Trade Windows PVCu windows aren’t just made to look good. They offer impressive performance by being energy efficient, sustainable and secure too.

PVCu offers greater energy efficiency than older timber windows, saving you money on heating bills and reducing the carbon footprint of your home by being the highest energy rated windows on the market.

Many of our PVCu windows are made from recycled components and are extremely long lasting, allowing them to achieve the high standards that every property need, making them a durable and sustainable edition to your home.

Giving your home a brand new style

Trade Windows PVCu windows can give your home a new lease of life as we can install your new windows in a range of colours.

With colour options extending past the traditional white and including rosewood, light oak, Irish oak and white ash, you can choose to match your front door, make a stylish contrast, or opt to give your home a classic touch.

Keep your home safer with PVCu windows

Our 25 years of experience has taught us that the first question you ask when looking for new windows is how secure will they be. With our PVCu windows, you can be sure to keep your house safe with high security frames and multi-point locking systems.

We offer many different types of PVCu windows including, casement, tilt & turn, bays & bows and sliding sash windows that can each complement the style and age of your property, as well as provide you with the functionality and performance your home needs.

If you’re looking for a show stopping window with style like no other, take a look at our range of aluminium windows.

To find out more, contact our technical team on 01332 755551, or pop into our showroom.

Trade Windows PVCU windows have been rigorously tested by the Association of Chief Police officers for their security, and have earned the accreditation of being Secured By Design. With multipoint locking and six chamber frames, our PVCU windows will give you peace of mind and ensure your family’s safety.

Trade Windows PVCU windows offer high performance to keep your home warm, with an excellent energy efficiency rating of A++. This high thermal efficiency makes them a long-term investment as they keeping your home warm and cosy, saving you money on heating bills.

We offer a guaranteed back insurance that you can rely on to give you peace of mind that our timber alternative windows will keep your home safe and secure. For more information, contact our team on 01332 755551.

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