Wide span door benefits from Trade Windows

Doors are one of the most important things to consider when renovating a house or designing a new extension. The type you choose will form a key part of your exciting new layout and will improve the look of your home.

And here’s the good news. Derby customers will be blown away by the selection of wide span doors we’ve got in our showroom.

When you’ve decide on the style of door you like, let our experts share their knowledge to ensure the finished look is exactly what you’re dreaming about.

The benefits of wide span doors are endless. They’re stylish, energy-efficient and are now an affordable accessory in everyone’s home.

In this blog, we’ll be exploring our wide span door benefits, helping you to choose the right one for you.

Aluminium bifold doors

wide span door

These are a popular choice for Derby customers. Aluminium bifolds are made up of a set of glazed panels and can concertina, or slide open, to reveal an entire side of a house. Allowing unrestricted access, these wide span doors can fold around corners and open from the left or the right.

They’re also sleek, stylish and add a modern twist to any exciting interior project. You’ll be expecting these modern designs to be energy-efficient and secure, but now you can expect a wide choice of colours and configurations too.

Benefits of aluminium bifold doors

Widespan door

Aluminium bifold doors are superb at letting light flood your home.

The wide opening removes all barriers to the outside and provides the perfect indoor/outdoor living space. Popular for contemporary homes, frames for these aluminium bifold doors can be supplied in any RAL colour, including the popular Anthracite Grey. They are also lightweight, strong, durable and maintenance-free as the sturdy frames keep the unpredictable great British weather and any potential intruders out. Our aluminium bifold doors also won’t rust, rot or fade.

PVCu bifold doors


You can also have stylish bifold doors in a classic PVCu. PVCu bifold doors add light to any space and are made to measure, here in Derby. If you’re looking to create a wide, seamless transition between indoors and outside, these make a room feel bigger, brighter and even more beautiful. Not everyone wants a darker frame and if aluminium doesn’t suit, don’t worry. At Trade Windows, we understand. We love our PVCu bifold doors, which look beautiful in white.

Benefits of PVCu bifold doors

Bifold door

The most affordable option for folding bifold doors tends to be PVCu ones – and the look is just as light and luxurious. PVCu can cope well with any environment as the material does not require much maintenance at all, with scratch-resistant, wipe-clean frames. Today, bifold doors have become a must-have addition to high-end interior design projects. Customers love the simple, sleek style these doors bring to a space. They also provide extra warmth with draught-resistant glazing and frames, and increased security with Secured By Design accreditation.

Aluminium sliding doors

aluminium sliding door

Aluminium sliding doors tend to be made up of two or more large glass panels, opening and closing in line on a track, with one panel sliding behind the other.

Like the bifold doors, they offer a large area of glass and while the frames don’t recess completely, sliding doors create stunning walls of glass.

This range is perfect if you’re looking to bring light and space into your home but at the same time add style and versatility.

Benefits of aluminium sliding doors

aluminium sliding door

Aluminium sliding doors can be used in any size of home – and look fabulous in a small or large room.

These sliding doors can open up a larger property but also give smaller houses the appearance of more space with wide glass and slim, sleek frames.

They are a perfect way to connect rooms, like conservatories, games rooms or gyms. And when they’re closed, they are literally a wall of glass.

The aluminium frames can be sprayed in any colour, meaning you can have your new feature seamlessly blend into your walls or make a stylish contrast.

Much like our aluminium bifold doors, the strength of aluminium means that the doors can withstand the weather and any possible attacks, and won’t corrode or damage over time.

PVCu patio doors

Patio door

Patio doors, especially in PVCu, are the perfect way to open up the back of your property so it flows seamlessly into your garden.

They are an ideal choice if you have a large external wall that you’re not making enough use of. Customers often talk to us about replacing a window with a stunning pair of patio doors – and the look of the room can be instantly transformed.

Patio doors in PVCu are practical, weather-resistant, affordable and allow you to enjoy the outdoors when you’re inside.

Along with maintenance, security and thermal efficiency of your new PVCu windows, you need them to match with your home’s individual style.

Benefits of PVCu patio doors

Patio Door

PVCu patio doors are perfect if you want to open up a room and let in more light. In many homes, they’ve become a staple feature and can lighten up a kitchen, dining room or sitting area.

The large glass panels allow you to let in light to your entire living space but maintain a more traditional look with the classic PVCu frames.

PVCu patio doors are a timeless feature, and are available in White, Rosewood, Cream, Irish Oak, Light Oak, Grey, Black Ash and White Ash for full design flexibility, so you can perfectly match your new doors to your windows.

Much like our PVCu bifold doors, our PVCu patios offer impressive durability and low maintenance, so you can be sure your new wide span doors look beautiful for years to come. They’re also a great choice for insulation and security, with energy efficient, Secured By Design frames and glazing.

The benefits of choosing wide span doors from Trade Windows

All of our wide span doors offer huge benefits, and whichever you choose, the team at Trade Windows are here to help.

There’s never been a greater selection of styles, colours and finishes for new wide span doors in Derby – come and see for yourself.

Visit our massive home improvement showroom on London Road and have a chat with our expert team. We’ve been transforming homes for 25 years, so you can trust us. You can also call us on 01332 755551.

And remember – our team is here to help you enjoy the views!