Want Timber? Try Timber Alternatives. Love Modus.

Modus windows from Trade WindowsWhen we think of Peak District period properties and Derbyshire stone cottages, we generally think of traditional timber windows. The image is idyllic but the reality is hours of sanding and painting up a ladder and the risk of wood rotting. On top of the regular maintenance, old single glazed timber windows can’t compete with the security or warmth you get from a double glazed PVCu window.

Standard white PVCu windows may solve the problem, but you might think they won’t be in keeping with the appearance of the house or the surrounding area. Luckily with the right frame design and colour choice to suit your home you don’t have to choose between how your PVCu windows perform and look.

Modus® flush sash windows give you a high performance, authentic timber alternative with all the benefits of a PVCu window.

There are 30 colours and woodgrain finishes to choose from with Georgian bar options, so you can find a design that’s perfect for the age and style of your home. The light wood finish of Anteak looks great against brickwork whilst White Ash compliments traditional stone. Black Ash lends itself to Tudor properties and Slate Grey gives a more contemporary feel to any house.

Because Modus is a new window system, it’s been designed to achieve the highest A+ energy rating. Put simply that means your windows work to keep the heat in, stop draughts and prevent those uncomfortable cold spots you sometimes feel. That should stop you reaching for the thermostat and lower your heating bills.

The super strong, six chamber frame of Modus combined with a multi-point locking system, gives you all the benefits of high security too.

Modus windows tick all the boxes when it comes to style, keeping draughts at bay and making sure your home is secure. Best of all, remember those hours spent up a ladder sanding and painting that we mentioned at the beginning? You can now spend them doing something far more enjoyable.