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Upgrading your home with a suite of windows and doors – Derby

Upgrading your home can be an incredibly exciting experience, and you may be feeling a huge sense of anticipation as you look forward to seeing your property transformation. Whether you want to avoid moving or love the home you’re currently in, renovating your house can be just as rewarding as getting onto the property ladder.

Having a new suite of windows and doors can make a big difference to your property without having too much of an impact on your daily life. We’ve put together this helpful guide to make sure you’re well informed before you get started on your project.

Replacing your doors

Esteem Composite Door

Taking your time to consider different door options is a must, as a poor quality or badly fitted door can leave you with the risk of leaks, cold draughts, and potential break-ins.

A new front door has a big effect on the overall look and feel of your home and can speak volumes about what the rest of your home might be like on the inside, so it’s worth investing in the perfect door to make a lasting impression. If you are replacing an old, poorly performing front door, you’ll notice the immediate insulating benefits of a modern, made-to-measure product.

Sometimes forgotten, doors at the back of your home can also have a big impact on the look and feel of your home too. To make a statement, French doors and bi-fold doors elegantly open out onto your garden, bringing the outdoors in, as well as offering improved insulating benefits.

Replacing your windows

PVCu windows

Replacing your old windows with the latest product on the market will give your home an instant update while keeping it warm and cosy inside. Choosing a well-designed window that suits your home and the way you live will make sure that it’s perfectly balanced in terms of proportion, shape and colour. Restoring original features like sash windows will add more value to your home than replacing with a standard design.


If you’re replacing windows in a room that is prone to getting either too hot or too cold, our windows are double glazed as standard, so help to keep your rooms at optimum temperature all year round.


New windows must comply with requirements for ventilation, and trickle vents are ideal for securely and constantly drawing out any stale air from a room, bringing in fresh air from outside. All our windows and doors are fitted with trickle vents to improve ventilation and ensure your home complies with all the latest Building Regulations.

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To upgrade your home with a suite of new windows and doors to give your Derby home a whole new lease of life, get in touch with us today to discuss your project requirements with our expert team.