Transform Your Conservatory With An Equinox Conservatory Roof

Conservatory roof

In the last 10 years the technology behind conservatory roofs has rapidly improved. If your conservatory roof was built earlier, then you can now upgrade it to a new system that looks better, provides excellent thermal efficiency, and is an integral part of your home.

If you’re looking to transform your conservatory into a space that you can relax in throughout the year, and add value to your property, choose an Equinox tiled roof system.

Equinox Tiled Conservatory Roof

At Trade Windows in Derby, we install the Equinox tiled roof system from Eurocell. The Equinox solid conservatory roof can turn any conservatory, modern or traditional, into a space that can be used season after season. It’s a really fantastic way of saving money on an extension by turning an existing conservatory into the space you’ve always wanted.

The Equinox roof is designed with added insulation to stop the effects of changing seasons. No longer is your conservatory too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter, the roof system creates a comfortable environment whatever the weather.

A Space Personal To You

The Equinox roof also allows you to personalise your space to suit you. The ceiling can be finished with plasterboard or tongue-and-groove.

Finishing the ceiling with plasterboard means you can decorate it how you want. It can be just like any other room in your home and through all those window panes it still means plenty of natural light fills the room.

Tongue-and-groove is a unique woodwork joint which consists of timber boards fitting together edge to edge. So you can achieve a really modern looking design on the inside.

On the outside there are 11 different options when it comes to colour. Greys are really popular at the moment across doors and windows, so why not go for grey on your conservatory roof too Choose from charcoal, slate grey or pewter grey to achieve a matching look across your home.

Or if you really want the roof to stand out and add stylish kerb appeal to your home, go with an antique red or a moss green. The roof tiles are made from a mix of materials. This means there are multiple options to choose from of natural looking colours, which won’t shatter, fade, warp or crack.

Lower Your Energy Bills and Create Peace and Quiet

With the added insulation on the inside and the tiled roof on the outside, Equinox conservatory roof systems achieve a staggering, ten times the thermal efficiency of an A-rated window. It minimises the amount of heat loss from the home, lowering your energy bills.

Also unlike older polycarbonate roofs, the thicker tiles and the added insulation on the inside, reduces the volume of noise you can hear inside your conservatory. It helps to create a more peaceful environment for you to relax in.

Talk to Trade Windows

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