Trade in cold spots for hot spots this winter

You know the feeling. The heating is on full, the curtains are drawn, but you can still feel a draught and the whole room feels cold. Which means it might be time to look at replacing your windows.

Even with turning up the thermostat or switching on the gas fire, you might still feel the cold if your windows are old or ill-fitted and it’ll drive up your heating bills. Replacing your windows now rather than later means you can start saving money straight away.

Next time you’re dusting the window sill or even when you’re putting up the Christmas decorations around the windows, you can check for cold spots and draughts yourself. Hold your hand about 30 centimetres away from the frame to see if there are any changes in temperature.

Trade Windows is certified for A energy rated windows by the UK’s national system for rating the energy efficiency of windows, so keeping cosy this winter and preventing draughts is taken care of. Visit our showroom on London Road to see our range of energy efficient windows displayed in our row of full size brick-built houses.