Our top tips on choosing the right conservatory style in Derby

Here at Trade Windows, we offer a range of conservatory styles in Derby to suit any home, including Georgian, Edwardian, Victorian, Lean-to, P and T-shaped, orangeries and glazed extensions.

With so many options, how do you choose the right conservatory style for your home? We’ve put together some top tips on what to look out for when picking the perfect one.

Traditional conservatories to add charm and character









When looking for traditional conservatory styles in Derby, we recommend our Victorian, Edwardian or Georgian conservatories.

Perhaps you have an older property, or would like to add some charm and character to your home – our period style conservatories are the ideal choice.

Victorian conservatories are the most popular among Derbyshire homes and perfectly reflect traditional Victorian architecture and add grand and ornate beauty to homes, with bow ends, steep roofs and striking decorative ridge details.

Edwardian style conservatories offer understated sophistication with a simple, classic design. The square, flat shape combined with the sloping roof make it the perfect combination of stunning tradition and seamless style, adding tradition while blending in with ease.

Georgian conservatories are a wonderful choice if you’d like to add charm and beauty with a symmetrical design. Georgian conservatories have a rectangular or square shape with a high sloping roof to create a magnificent light filled space for stunning elegance.

Modern conservatories to give your home contemporary and sleek beauty

If your looking for conservatory styles in Derby to suit your modern home, we offer contemporary orangeries and glazed extensions.

Orangeries are alternatives to traditional conservatory styles, as they feature brick walls instead of glazed walls. This gives your conservatory the appearance of a modern extension, while still retaining the beauty of a classic glass conservatory roof.

Glazed extensions offer the best of both orangeries and extensions by creating a perfect light-filled airy space that offers wall to wall glass. This is designed to look like part of your original property, and oozes contemporary style. For the icing on the cake, modern glazed extensions look best when finished with bifold doors.

Add natural light with a garden room conservatory

Conservatories are a superb choice for adding natural light to your home, as they creates a dedicated space for enjoying the sun.

While all conservatories add heaps of light, lean-to conservatories make for a gorgeous feature.

Lean-to conservatories are inspired by Mediterranean sun rooms, and can sometimes be referred to as sun rooms. With clean lines designed to catch and make the most of the sun all year round, lean-to conservatories are perfect for letting the light flood into your property. Lean-to conservatories can be extended to include a canopy area too, perfect to enjoy the outdoors in.

All conservatories add space, but P and T-shaped conservatories are great if you don’t want to intrude on your garden too much

Conservatories are also the perfect choice for adding space, and although any conservatory style in Derby homes will do that, P and T-shaped conservatories are a brilliant way to create more space without intruding too much into your garden.

The designs are named after the shape of the letters. P-shaped conservatories can create two separate living areas, while T-shaped conservatories provide two wings for an impressive amount of space.

Glazed extensions also add a spectacular amount of space, and give you the design freedom to create something unique to your home and your needs.

Give your home a seamless extension with an extension from Trade Windows

We know one of the main appeals of a conservatory is the stunning design of them, and the striking beauty they add to homes. However, it’s a growing trend to give you home an effortless extension that looks like a seamless part of your property.

A solid roof conservatory is a great way to add space, light and a new and exciting area for you to use, but the tiled roof allows it to blend in with the rest of your home as we can colour match the tiles.

This gives you a seamless extension and a private and homely space, along with all of the main appeals of a conventional conservatory.

If you need help choosing from our range of conservatory styles in Derby, get in touch with our home improvement experts

Whatever you’re looking for, traditional charm, modern style, extra light, more space or a seamless extension, we have the conservatory style for you.

You can see our conservatory options fully built at our London Road, Derby showroom, as well as speak to our experienced team about how we can help you.

Alternatively, you can call us on 01332 755551, or take a look through our gallery and Facebook page.