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Top 7 composite door designs

Composite doors are now the most popular entrance door choice in the UK, and for good reason. As well as providing homeowners with incredible thermal efficiency, security, and unmatched style, composite doors are fast becoming the most popular way to renovate your home without any costly, larger renovation projects.

Our range of composite doors from DoorCo are the perfect choice for homeowners, no matter what design or aesthetic you are curating. In this blog, we talk through some of our favourite composite door designs, and what combination of performance and panache they can bring to your home.

Why choose a composite door?

Monza composite door derby

A composite door’s uPVC outer frame is designed to resist all types of weather. It is wind and rain resistant; never allowing draughts or leaks into your home. It is also resistant to UV rays and will stay looking bright and fresh for many years to come.

They also come in a range of colour options, including seven standard colours as well as 32 premium shades, meaning that you can tailor your door to your exact style. No matter what colour you want, there’s a shade to match.

Efficiency and security of composite doors

Composite Doors

The combination of materials used in our composite doors from DoorCo creates an efficient thermal barrier for your home. A solid foam core concealed within a high-performance uPVC frame drastically reduces heat transfer. In no time at all, you’ll enjoy a warmer home while saving money on heating bills.

Our composite doors are one of the most secure entrance doors on the market. Their five-point locking system will repel even the most sustained attempts at forced entry. With internally beaded glass panes and anti-pick locks, you’ll have peace of mind that your home really is ‘safe as houses’. Our composite doors from DoorCo are also fully compliant with PAS 24 and meet the exacting security standards of Approved Document Q.

This sort of amazing performance leaves your main consideration to be the style and design of your door. DoorCo provides an incredible, varied range of designs and glazing configurations. We wanted to talk through some of our favourites.

Our Top 7 composite door designs

1. Carnoustie

The Carnoustie composite door is far and away our most popular design. It combines modern efficiency and classic aesthetics to create the perfect entranceway to any home. It is also available with a variety of glazing options.

2. Andrews

This door style perfectly evokes the stunning craftsmanship of the classic timber styles of the 1930s and is available in both solid and glazed configurations.

3. Troon

Troon is a beautiful and traditional six-panel door with the option to enhance its impressive aesthetics with two or four small glazing detail panels. This door style is also available in a solid option.

4. Turnberry

The Turnberry door offers a large, unbroken decorative glazed area. Perfect for homes that want to make a statement with their design. Turnberry is also available with a Gridlite option to create multi-panelled designs.

5. Gleneagles

Gleneagles is a wonderfully versatile design that brings the baroque glazing style, popular in the USA, right to our shores.

6. Belfry

Belfry emulates the classic simplicity of cottage-style doors with its smaller, refined glazing areas. The door’s look is enhanced by its unique offset etched detailing, which mimics the natural grain of timber door sets. Belfry is available with two different glazing styles.

7. Monza

Monza is one of the most modern and stylish door systems that we have available. Monza’s linear etched detailing work beautifully emulates the grain of natural finishes and is available in both glazed and solid configurations.

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No matter what design or configuration is perfect for your home, our range of composite doors from DoorCo are the ultimate way to transform the front of your home. With all the best in modern efficiency and tailor-made aesthetics, there’s no better choice for your home renovation project. To browse the whole range we have available, request a brochure.

If you have further questions about our range of composite doors for your Derbyshire home, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Alternatively, if you’re ready to get started on your project, get a quote now.