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The ultimate guide to choosing to new windows

It’s a fact that homeowners feel slightly overwhelmed when the time comes to replace the windows in their property. They are an investment, a modern-day essential and a must-buy, especially if you’re existing ones are more than a couple of decades old. But don’t despair, let Trade Windows help.

Don’t fall into the trap of waiting for an emergency before replacing your windows, do the right thing and start planning the project now.

Buying new windows for your home can add lasting value to your property and your options are endless when it comes to choosing what to have.

Planning for new windows

trade windows derby showroom

At Trade Windows, our advice is simple – come and talk to us. By visiting our showroom, you’ll get to see what we have on offer and you will be able to compare different brands, designs and models of windows.

Decide how many windows you need and let us help you find the right style of window for your home. New window technology has advanced considerably, and a new set of windows could definitely make your home more energy efficient.

Windows to transform your home

Lumi windows

When considering new windows, make sure you think about how they’re going to look. Try and imagine them in your home.

Will the style blend in? Will they match existing windows if you’re not replacing every single one?

Think about what types of finishes have a long life and aim for a window that won’t need replacing for another 20 years!

When you’re wandering round Trade Street – our bespoke showroom on London Road, which is stocked with stunning displays – try out the windows displays. Do they open and close smoothly? Do you like the runners and locking devises? If you’ve got children, do they feature child safety locks?

Window shopping? The choices are endless:

  1. PVCu windows

Pvcu windows

PVCu windows are the perfect choice for homeowners looking for a design that gives timeless beauty, with the modern day benefits of PVCu. Thanks to Trade Windows, we can enhance the stylish appearance of your home with PVCu timber alternative windows that feature flush frames and look like they’re made of wood. This will give your home added charm and style and is ideal for traditional properties looking to maintain its character or properties looking for a sleek, clean finish.

  1. Aluminium Windows

Aluminium Windows

Aluminium windows are a great choice if you’re looking for sleek and stylish windows. Over the years, they’ve become increasingly popular with homeowners who are looking for a modern style that versatile and easy to maintain. The super slim frames are an added bonus if you’re keen to create a contemporary look.

  1. Lumi Windows

Lumi windows close up

Exclusively to Trade Windows Derby, we’re delighted to offer the Lumi windows. They’ve been cleverly designed, with the frame placed inside the glass pane, to give customers an absolutely stunning alternative to traditional windows. These windows are structurally and physically different to any other window on the market. The wall to wall glass allows your home to be illuminated with light, creating a brighter more open space in your home.

What different windows styles are there?

It’s really important to make the right choice when choosing a window style for your home. These days, glazing has become one of the most important considerations to make when replacing windows.

Here’s our guide:

  1. Tilt and Turn Windows

Tilt and turn window styles Derby

If you’re looking for a window with function as well as style, think about Trade Window’s tilt & turn window. It’s a clever window design that can open up your home for optimum ventilation, as they can either tilt to slightly open at the top or turn inwards for a fully opened window. The tilt option allows you to keep the airflow in the winter without compromising the warmth of you home, while turning your window allows for wide openings in the summer.

  1. Casement Windows

Replacement Casement Windows Derby

Casement windows are a really popular choice because they’re a sleek and simple design. These windows are classic and versatile and will complement any home. At Trade Windows, we can tailor your casement windows to match your home, depending on the age and style.

  1. Sliding Sash Windows

sliding sash window

Sliding sash windows add character and charm to a property and are an ideal choice if you’re keen to keep a classic look. At Trade Windows, we can bring you this time-honoured design with a 21st century performance. They have a classic look of a sliding sash widows but have been created using PVCu to provide a safer, warmer and low-maintenance product.

  1. Bay and Bow

Bay and bow window styles Derby

If you’re keen to add character, a bay or bow window can look stunning. It’s true that people often get confused between a bay and a bow. They aren’t that much alike, but you do create them both with a range of styles such as sash, double-hung and casements.

Bay windows are generally made up of three windows, which are put together on an angle, to come out from an exterior wall. A bow window is made up of typically four or five identical windows, which are also fitted at an angle, to create a beautiful curved appearance. Both style of window open-up living spaces, and definitely bring in extra light.

Energy efficient and security

window close up

One of the first questions you might ask when considering new windows is how secure they will be. With double glazed windows at Trade Windows, you can be sure your house will be safe thanks to our study and secure glass. Every one of our double glazed windows feature high security frames and multi-point locking systems and have achieved Secured by Design status. This means that the windows have been rigorously tested by the Association of Chief Police officers – making them the most preferred windows for optimum safety.

How we can help at Trade Windows

New windows Derby - Trade Windows Derby showroom

Here at Trade Windows, we always do our best to give you the best advice. Our team of experienced professionals know everything there is to know about windows and our showroom is packed with products.

Come and visit Trade Street, our massive home improvement showroom, and you can see exactly what we have to offer. We’re the experts!

Call us on 01332 755551 to find out more or come down to our Derby showroom on London Road. Check out more on our Facebook or Instagram pages.