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The best bifold door options

In the last decade, aluminium bifold doors have been a popular choice for people taking on modern home improvement projects.

They have taken the market by storm because they allow homeowners to open up the rear of their properties and successfully connect the inside with the outside.

Bifold doors are a great option and allow natural light to flood into your home – which is a number one feature when people start thinking about creating more space and making a bright and bigger room.

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Bifold Door Options Derby

Bifold doors are a super choice, allowing homeowners to connect their home with the outside. They’re made up of multiple door leaves and can successfully occupy a huge range of opening sizes, whether you use them externally or internally to divide two rooms.

Opening to one side in a concertina motion, the benefit of a bifold door is that it reveals the full width of the opening giving you an uninterrupted view of your stunning garden or seating area.

Internal bifold doors smoothly fold back on themselves and allow two rooms to open up into one. Thanks to their design, they can instantly make a room lighter – a must have feature for any family home.

Practical, aesthetically pleasing and thermally efficient, aluminium bifold doors are a perfect choice if you want to open up your home on warm summer days. They create the most seamless transition from a dining room or kitchen area, to the seating area in your garden. But don’t think they stop being loved once the sun goes in, you’ll adore them all year round!

Choose the perfect configurations for you

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The beauty of bifold doors is that they can be designed to suit the exact needs of your home.

You can choose up to 6 panels in your bifold door feature and choose whether they stack to the right-hand side or left-hand side, internally or externally.

For optimum opening space, light and impressive style, each door panel can be up to 1.2 metres wide and 2.5 metres high.

A traffic door can be added to your bifold feature, giving you a single door that works just like a back door to open separately from the rest of the feature.

This means that you can open the traffic door without opening the entire set of doors, perfect for quickly nipping into the garden.

Why aluminium bifold doors are so popular with homeowners

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It’s not rocket science to see why aluminium bifold doors have become so hugely popular with people in this area of the country. They’ve successfully revolutionised the way homeowners dive into a home improvement project.

What makes external aluminium bifold doors a firm choice is the way they create a stylish and modern feel when you want to bring a slice of the outside inside.

Today, it’s all about the outdoor living trend and these sleek aluminium bifold doors seem to seamlessly connect your garden to your home. If you’re desperate to flood your home with natural light, it really is worth considering aluminium bifold doors.

They’re contemporary and stylish and look absolutely stunning in modern homes, rural retreats and period houses with sleek extensions.

Colour and style – the choice is endless

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Here at Trade Windows, we offer an endless choice of colour options as our aluminium bifold can be finished in any RAL colour. This allows you the chance to colour match them to your home and be part of the design process. Remember they are available in dual colour, metallic and are available with a range of textured finishes.

It is up to you what opening style you choose because there are 32 different options on offer here at Trade Windows. You can select how many panels to have, how many will open and on what side of your room.

Bifold doors, thanks to their slim sightlines, offer a lot of flexibility to maximise what space you have as they can fold inwards or outwards. If these doors are a main exit point, then it’s often useful to include a traffic door, so you can go out into your garden without the hassle of needing to fold every panel back.

Obviously, the number of panels you choose will depend on the available space you have in your home.

Aluminium bifold doors are secure and insulated

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Working to secure your home against crime, Trade Windows aluminium bifold doors can be upgraded to Trade Secure. Trade Secure doors feature 6.8mm laminated glass for doors on the ground floor, or where there’s a flat or sloping roof less than 30 degrees where the first floor can be attacked, along with high specification glazing clips and enhanced security handles.

It is fair for you to think that a wall of glass can never be energy efficient – well, think again.

Thanks to modern designs and manufacturing methods, this can now be achieved, and very little heat is lost. The aluminium bifold doors are hugely insulated and when the frames close and fit together, the weathertight seals ensure a completely draught-free installation.

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