Aluminium Sliding Doors in glazed extension

Stylish summer home trends to give your property the real wow factor

If you love making a house a home, you’ll probably enjoy taking on as many interior design projects as your budget allows. Makeovers not only add value to your property, they can help create the most stunning interior spaces.

You’ll already know that introducing specialist glazing to a property can completely transform a house and make it a more stylish place to live. Whether you choose to have bifold doors or sliding doors installed to the exterior of your home, it is a fact that the overall look of the property will change for the better.

This year, glazing features heavily on people’s wish lists when starting to plan a home improvement project. When summer arrives and homeowners start thinking about how to make the most of the better weather, people love the idea of opening up their homes and creating the perfect place to live.

Orangeries, conservatories and extensions

Orangery Conservatory Derby

Take a tour round an average UK property, and you’ll see how keen people are to open up space and create a house that works for them and their families.

To bring more heart to the home, they’re investing in conservatories, orangeries and extensions and installing impressive glazed walls as part of their bespoke renovations.

These additions boost property value, but that’s not the only reason people take the plunge and embark on home improvement projects. In most cases, people are happy with the location of their homes – they simply want to add to their existing living space without the hassle of selling up and moving on.

Why choose bifold door or sliding doors this summer?

Bifold doors Derby

Big expanses of glass, in the form of bifold doors or sliding doors, has risen in prominence over the last decade in the UK. They have become a real customer favourite and can instantly transform a home if you are considering a glazed extension.

You’ll be happy to know that bifolding doors are the top choice this summer according to 2019 trends.

If you’re planning to create a glazed extension, then it’s worth taking some time to think about the kind of look you want to achieve.

Bifold doors definitely add to the aesthetics of any interior and can be hugely beneficial if you’re keen to open it up and knit the inside with the outside.

Whether you’ve got traditional tastes or love to keep up with the latest trends, widespan doors do one important thing – they create an impressive open space.

If you love clean lines and minimalism, bifold doors work especially well in the kitchen and dining area because they are slim and sleek and give you optimum levels of light. If you want to frame the outdoors, choose sliding doors to offer panoramic views of the garden. Choose the right furniture and furnishings and you’ll successfully add the right definition to any room.

An important aspect of any interior design is to use plenty of different textures, and this remains a key trend this year. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colour, design an accent wall that stands out from the rest of the room, and work on breaking up plain designs.

There are no escaping trends and even though they change and evolve, they can remain popular for years – rather than just a season or two.

Planning the perfect project

bi fold extension

If in doubt, ask the experts – that’s our advice. Take time to think about your home refurbishment project but don’t struggle if you can’t work out what is going to work best for you, your family and your property.

A top tip is to do your own research and surf the internet for style ideas. Having said that, there’s nothing more valuable than seeing products for yourself so you can handle them and get a true feel for how they open and close.

Whether you’re interested in creating a glazed extension to create a luxury indoor/outdoor space with bifold or sliding doors or are considering adding a conservatory or orangery to your property, we’re the experts.

Our showroom has an extensive range of bifold and sliding doors as well as windows and doors.

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