Derby roofline

Spring clean your roofline

Is your timber roofline looking worn-out and old? If so, it’s probably time to upgrade your fascias, soffits and guttering.

Your home will benefit from new PVCu roofline if you can see any peeling, flaking, cracking paint, rotting or warping, water staining on the boards or down the wall, or visibly ragged roof felt.

Act fast and you can protect your roof structures for years to come, all the while improving the look of your home with a replacement roofline.

Roofline adds the finishing touches to your home, and can easily be the difference between a well-kept home that adds kerb appeal and a home that is in desperate need of care and attention.

Rooflines consist of fascias, soffits and guttering, and Trade Windows Derby roofline offers superb protection from the wind and rain over time.

Our roofline system is an effective replacement of timber roofline as it offers 21st century benefits of using modern materials, all the while replicating the existing style of your current roofline.

What are fascias and soffits?

Fascia boards are the part of your roofline that the guttering is fitted to.

Soffits are the underneath part, and they stop birds and pests getting up into the roof.

The space between the top of the fascias and roof tiles and can also be a point of entry for insects and pests. The Trade Windows Derby roofline system gives an extra level of protection for your roof.

PVCu fascias and soffits from Trade Windows

PVCu fascias soffits Derby

You can change from worn-out timber fascias and soffits to PVCu replacements that work to protect your home from the great British weather. Using PVCu means that your fascias and soffits won’t absorb water, ensuring your roof remains dry and protected. They work to block rainwater from attacking your roof, preventing damage such as damp and potential leaks.

PVCu also means that your roofline will look newer for longer, as they don’t take a lot of time and effort to maintain.

What is guttering?

Guttering works to collect run off water from your roof, carrying it down through the drain pipes. This means that your roof is protected, preventing any leaks, and water is directed away from the base of your home, protecting the foundations.

Tradeflow continuous aluminium guttering from Trade Windows

Roofline with continuous aluminium guttering

Tradeflow aluminium guttering is a popular choice on our roofline projects in Derby and Derbyshire.

Using impressively strong, weather resistant aluminium ensures that your guttering can protect your home for years to come and will be resistant to weather damage.

Trade Windows Tradeflow guttering uses continuous aluminium to create the perfect length of guttering for your home, reducing the number of joints needed. The fewer joints are used in your guttering the less movement there will be, reducing the chance of leaks and overspills.

The benefit of using Tradeflow over standard guttering is that it takes more water than standard guttering and can endure even the biggest of Derby downpours.

Improve your roofline in Derby with Trade Windows

Derby PVCu roofline

Our fascias and soffits are available in a selection of colours, so you can colour match them to your windows. If you’d like to replicate the traditional style of your timber roofline, you can choose from our natural woodgrain colours such as Rosewood, Golden Oak and Irish Oak. Tradeflow aluminium guttering is available in either Black, White or Brown to complete the look.

To take a look at how you can add kerb appeal to your home and spring clean your roofline, visit the Trade Windows showroom.

You can see our roofline on our full-sized built houses on Trade Street, as well as talk to our team of experts.

Alternatively, fill in a contact form here and we will arrange a home appointment for a friendly member of our team to take a look at your roofline.