See The light And Go For A Skypod Roof Lantern

Skypod Roof Lantern

If you want more light in an extension, then a Trade Windows Skypod roof lantern could be the best choice for you. Designed to breathe extra light into homes, it’s a perfect way to flood daylight into an extension as well as reducing heating and lighting costs.

Skypod is a stylish way to provide a home with more curb appeal and can even give a traditional build home a contemporary and modern look. It’s surprising how much difference choosing a Skypod can make to your home.

Homeowners looking to extend the back or side of their properties want to keep as much natural light coming in as possible. Choosing Skypod means maximising on daylight because of its clever design.

When it comes to an extension or a refurbishment, homeowners are always looking for something that makes their home stand out from the crowd. At Trade Windows we sell Eurocell’s Skypod. These pitched roof lanterns offer plenty of advantages over standard skylights. Here is why we recommend getting a Skypod.


Skypods are a great way to allow natural light into any living space and add drama with extra height and room. They look really stylish and modern and work well for refurbishments, extensions and new build properties.

When compared with other roof lanterns, Skypods are pitched, so they really do add extra room to a living space and can transform any flat roof.

Not only do they look great on extensions, they can provide an alternative to traditional conservatory roofs and turn a conservatory into an elegant orangery.

Choose your style

With a variety of size options available, you can choose the Skypod that best complements your orangery or extension and suits the style of your home.  Due to the pitched design, it makes Skypods perfect for flat roofs and conservatories too.

Whether the space you’d like to flood with natural light is small or large, Skypod roof lanterns are flexible in design to get the right amount of light into the area you require.

Choose your colour

At Trade Windows we know that homeowners like their homes to have something a little different and reflect their character. White window frames and skylights are still a popular choice but for those who really want to stand out, we have a range of different colours to give your home something a little bit different.

Skypod come with a range of frame colours to give your home the feel you want. You can choose from Golden Oak, Rosewood, Moondust Grey, Anthracite Grey and more traditional white if that best suits your property.

It’s not only the frames that provide you with colour options, but the glass is also customisable. You can still go for the traditional clear glass but if you are feeling a little more adventurous and want to add more style to your property, you can go for Bronze or Aqua. Choosing tinted glass can be a great choice if you’re worried that there might be too much glare from the sun.

Two Ways To Save on Bills

The large glass area design of Skypod roof lanterns mean more natural light enters your home, brightening up areas and allowing you to keep those lights off for longer, lowering energy bills.

They are also made with high-quality glass and manufactured to offer exceptional energy efficiency and can achieve U-values as low as 1.0 W²mK. This minimises heat loss, keeping your home cosier for longer so you don’t need the heating on as much.