3 Star Locking System For Secure Front Doors

3 star locking system for secure front doors in Derby

We take your security really seriously, especially when it comes to our front doors. We know that an entrance door plays a number of roles for your home and keeping it secure is its main job.

You want a front door that provides excellent security for the home and gives you peace of mind so you know that your family and your possessions are kept safe at all times.

All our entrance doors have tons of choices on style and colour, but it needs to have a secure locking system to be really effective.

Whether it’s a new alarm system or a security light on the back of your home, there are many ways to help to deter potential intruders and make sure your property is safe. A simple way of increasing security in your home is by investing in a front door with a locking system that won’t snap under pressure from an attempted break-in.

That’s why we have introduced a new 3-star locking system across our range of entrance doors, so you can get a really secure front door for your home in Derby.

The new Evolution high security locking system, manufactured by Mila, is tested to Secured By Design requirements.

How has it been tested?

The new locking system on our entrance doors has been rigorously tested to make sure it can cope even under high duress. Handle snapping, cylinder snapping, drilling and picking are four of the most common methods used by people to attempt to get inside a property.

The locking system has been tested to demonstrate its robust resistance against all four of these methods.

To combat handle snapping, the locking system is made with a cast steel design and enhanced screw fixings, making it almost impossible to jemmy the handle back plate off the door slab. An integrated cylinder guard acts like a protective cocoon around the cylinder to prevent it from being attacked.

To add to this, the handle and lock has a really clever anti-drill disc which spins when under attack so the drill cannot penetrate the cylinder.

Is it easy to use?

The Mila Evolution locking system is designed to be really hard for potential intruders to penetrate, but it’s really easy for you to use. Made for both left and right hand doors, the handle and lock has been designed to be easy to use by anyone.

Pop by our Home Improvement Centre just off London Road to test out one of our new Mila locking systems for yourself.

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