Say Goodbye to Soffit Maintenance with Roofline

Our exclusive Roofline system will eliminate the need for climbing up ladders to repaint old timber boards and soffits, whilst protecting your roof and improving the look of your home too.

A new roofline system will also protect your roof by ventilating and protecting the roof trusses where there’s an overhang.

Do I need new guttering, fascias and soffits?

Signs that your wooden boards are ready to be replaced include: peeling or cracking paint, water-staining or visible ragged roof felt.

This means water may be getting into your roof space and causing timbers to rot. Replacing old timber boards with our PVCu system will protect your roof system for years to come.


What is Roofline and how does it work?                  

The Roofline system from Trade Windows is a complete replacement of old wooden boards with maintenance free PVCu fascias and soffits.

During installation, we’ll also check if there’s any asbestos present and deal with it appropriately and we’ll check that your rafters are up to scratch.

We’ll tidy up the roof felt and fit our smart eaves protection system. Essentially, this drains water from your roof, protecting the walls of your property and the new fascias. It also ventilates the roof space, keeping the air fresh and avoiding condensation.

New fascias and soffits

Then we get round to fitting the new PVCu fascias and soffits, with fittings to perfectly match the colour you choose.

When bargeboards are replaced, we check for loose mortar, which can be induced by rotting timbers.

There’s a range of decorative boards to choose from and the job is finished with box ends, which look great and stop any rain water leaking in.

New guttering

Tradeflow is our high capacity aluminium guttering system. It’s extruded to create the perfect length for your home, with fewer joints. That means less movement, reducing the chance of leaks in years to come.

Tradeflow takes more water than standard guttering – offering extra peace of mind to East Midlands residents who have endured some really torrential rain recently. It also makes it harder for leaves to block your gutters.

We also offer a range of PVCu gutters and downpipes in a range of colours.

If you’d like to talk to us about adding low-maintenance roofline products to your home, please call us on (01332) 755551 or visit our showroom on London Road.