Roofline: How does the Trade Windows replacement Roofline System work?

Our roofline system works by replacing old timber boards and soffits with low maintenance PVCu fascias, that not only improve the look of your home but also protect the roof by adding ventilation and protection to the roof trusses where there’s an overhang before fixing new guttering.

Tell-tale signs that your wooden boards need replacing can be peeling or cracking paint, water-staining on the boards or down the wall, or visible ragged roof felt. This means that water can get into the roof and start to rot the timbers. Acting fast means protecting your roof structure for years to come.

When we replace roofline, first we remove the old wooden boards. We make sure that if any asbestos is present it’s dealt with in the appropriate way. When we are installing your new roofline system we will always examine your rafters to check that they are in good condition.

We then lift the bottom row of tiles, If the roofing felt needs tidying up we do this at the time. Then we fit the eaves protection system.

Get good roof ventilation

The eaves protection system is very clever. It is designed to drain water from the roof into the gutter to protect from water pouring down the fascias or the wall of your home. It also ventilates the roof space.

It’s a tray that sits underneath the last two tiles on the roof, on top of the rafters and under the roofing felt. It comes in two different designs. The first has a comb on the top – it’s designed for shaped roof tiles. That’s because the comb fills any gaps to stop creepy-crawlies and rodents getting into the roof. If you have flat roof tiles then the comb isn’t needed.

The eaves protection system ventilates through a strip. Ventilating the roof is important as it ensures the air in the roof space stays fresh and prevents condensation.

Fascia and soffit

We then fit the new PVCu fascias and soffits. After checking for any damage we install the boards using matching polypins. This means whatever colour you choose, the fixings will match perfectly. Joints are covered with special fittings so that a small gap can be left underneath to ensure there’s room for expansion and contraction in different weathers.

On the eaves we replace the bargeboards. We will also check for any loose mortar that can happen when wood starts to rot. We offer a range of decorative boards too.

And finally we finish the job with beautiful box ends. They are made to measure onsite by our trained installers who understand the importance of getting this right not just for the looks, but to keep the roof timbers in top condition and also to stop any rain water from leaking in.

Trade Windows’ Roofline System is a complete replacement of old wooden boards. There are loads of designs and colours available. Check out the gallery for ideas.

Our roofline system is very low maintenance. Normally they just need a wash down once or twice a year. Your window cleaners can do this for you, if you don’t like heights!

And finally on goes the guttering

Where possible we recommend Tradeflow. It’s a high capacity aluminium guttering system. It’s extruded from continuous aluminium to create the perfect length for your home and reduces the number of joints needed. Less joints means less movement reducing the chance of leaks in years to come.

Tradeflow takes more water than standard guttering – and that can only be a good thing with the torrential rain we’ve had in the East Midlands in recent years. It also means it’s much harder for leaves to block the gutters.

We also offer a range of PVCu gutters and downpipes in a range of colours.

So put your paintbrush and ladder away and never paint a fascia board again…

If you’d like to talk to us about adding roofline products to your home, please call us on (01332) 755551 or visit our showroom on London Road.