Stop the Rot: Replace Your Existing Roofline

An old worn out roofline can make any home look tired. In the UK we get more rain than our fair share, which means our guttering has to work a lot harder and our roofline can be worn out much quicker than it would in a dryer climate.

Roofline by Trade Windows DerbyYet just because it rains so much doesn’t mean with the right roofline our houses can’t look as fresh as they did the day they were built. If the timber behind your fascia’s is starting to rot because of broken roof tiles or over flowing guttering, it’s time to replace it. Replace it and not cap it.

You may be told that it’s cheaper and quicker to just cap over existing roofline, but capping over them doesn’t make things better if the timber behind it has started to rot. Here are a few reasons why you should replace your roofline and not just cap it.

Rot – Once your wooden boards start to crack and peel it’s time to replace them to make sure water doesn’t get into your roof and rot the structure. If you were to cap over your roofline instead of replacing it, the rotting timber behind the original roofline will continue to rot and it will only spread. This could cause long term structural damage to your roof.

Reduced over-hang – Capping over your existing fascias means that the new guttering will actually come further out than the over-hang of your roof tiles. Water can run down off your roof into the gap between your guttering and old fascia. This means your gutter can’t actually do its job it’s designed to do and the rain water won’t run nicely down into your drains. But run straight down onto your garden or patio.

Obstruction – If your roofline is capped over particularly badly, then it has the potential to obstruct or block windows from opening as freely as they normally should. If you have a window that is already close to your fascias and soffits, it means there isn’t much room to have another layer of fascia placed on top of it. So it will work out much better for you if you replace the existing roofline.

Trade Windows Derby Roofline InstallationReplace your roofline
We recommend replacing old timber boards and soffits to avoid these problems. We replace your boards with low maintenance PVCu fascias that improve the look of your home but also add ventilation and protection to your roofs timber frame for years to come. When installing your new roofline system, we examine your timber beams to check that they are in good condition and they’re not, we’ll replace them before we fix the new fascia boards.

We also replace your bargeboards, which are the fasicas which run down the sides of your house without guttering. As time has gone on these have become more decorative and we offer a range of different boards to add style to your home.

Our roofline system is low maintenance so you don’t have to spend much time cleaning and maintaining them, except maybe a few times a year just to keep them looking as good as the day they were installed.

If you want to replace your roofline, give us a call on 01332 755551 or come and see us in our Home Improvement Centre just off London Road.