How to prevent condensation in your conservatory

With the cold weather still in full force, it’s chillier outside and all you want to do is come home to curl up in your conservatory and watch the rain outside. However, the cold weather is often matched with the dreaded appearance of condensation in your conservatory.

Condensation in conservatories is a really common problem, but why does it happen and how can you prevent it?

What is condensation and what causes it in your conservatory?

Your conservatory is more susceptible to condensation in the winter as the air cools outside while your house is warm inside.

We like to keep our homes extra warm and cosy in the colder months, as we turn the heating up and keep the windows shut. This lack of ventilation means that moisture builds up in the air as water vapour, condenses to water as it hits the cold glass surface of your conservatory.

Your conservatory isn’t causing the condensation, it’s just making it more visible

Your windows and conservatory aren’t the cause of condensation, it’s simply a result of your day to day activities.

We’re constantly adding to the water vapour in the air. Cooking, cleaning, drying clothes, showering – even breathing creates half a pint of water!

This water produced saturates in the air until it reaches dew point, turning back into moisture on the coolest surface – your conservatory windows.

Not only does condensation in your conservatory look less than pleasant, it can create damp and mould, leading to damage in your home and potentially your health.

How to prevent condensation in your conservatory

The good news is, you don’t have to make too many changes to rid your conservatory of condensation.

Here are 4 tips to help you:

Ventilation is key

Conservatories are built to be fantastic insulators, keeping the weather outside. We know how important it is to keep draughts out of your home, especially when it’s colder, but in cases like this, draughts can help!

Opening your windows slightly with the heating on will help the air flow properly and reduce the water vapour in the air.

You should keep the windows open while you cook, clean or wash the dishes as this will significantly reduce the amount of water in your home.

While making sure there’s enough ventilation and air circulating around your house, it also helps to keep your home warm so that the walls of your conservatory aren’t cold enough for condensation to form.

A great way to achieve optimum ventilation is with tilt and turn windows as they can either tilt to slightly open at the top, perfect for the colder months, or turn inwards for a fully opened window, ideal for the summer.

If you have a kitchen near or in your conservatory, another way to keep your conservatory well ventilated is through the cooker hood.

Keep wet clothes out of your conservatory

Although in winter it’s tempting to dry your wet clothes on your radiators inside, or by hanging them on airers in the conservatory, this produces high moisture levels in the air which leads to condensation in your conservatory. It’s a good idea to hang your clothes outside to dry to stop this from happening. If you use a tumble dryer, make sure it’s vented to the outside so that the moisture can escape.

Be mindful with how you furnish your conservatory

If you’ve furnished your conservatory with curtains or blinds, make sure they aren’t trapping any moisture inside by choosing some that are light enough to allow air to flow.

It’s also recommended to avoid placing your furniture right up against the glass in your conservatory, so that the air can circulate freely.

If condensation in your conservatory is persistent, consider trickle vents or a dehumidifier

Trickle vents are also a good idea to combat condensation in your conservatory as they help air flow, reducing the likelihood of condensation.

If there’s a spot in your conservatory that’s particularly damp, it might be worth getting a dehumidifier. These will draw the moisture out of the air so that it won’t hit your conservatory glass and form condensation. You can even rent a dehumidifier out just for winter!

Choose a conservatory from Trade Windows

If you’re looking for a brand new conservatory, choose one from Trade Windows.

We make our conservatories with high performing glazing to ensure your conservatory will require as little maintenance as possible. Our thermally insulated glazing will help to keep your conservatory glass warmer and prevent the development of condensation.

We also offer a selection of windows and wide span doors to help you create optimum ventilation in your home so you won’t have to worry about condensation.

Replace your conservatory roof with a solid roof from Trade Windows

You can refurbish your conservatory by installing a replacement solid roof.

A tiled roof means one less cold glass surface to create condensation on, and can make your conservatory much warmer, as well as adding a more private and cosy feel.


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