Pick your own Porch

If you’re looking to add a welcoming reception area to the front of your home, or want to give passers by an insight into the taste and character of the people inside, then a porch might just be what you’re looking for.

Porches come in all shapes and sizes with different windows, doors and roof finishes, lending themselves to the style and character of each and every homeowner. In most cases, porches are generally made up of brickwork and glazing but for those whose taste is a little more out there, porches can be a real statement.

At Trade Windows Derby our flexibility in design gives you the freedom to pick the perfect porch for your home. We offer a range of choice in window, doors and roof finishes so you can create a welcoming entrance to your home.

Check out below just some of the porches we have built for our customers to give you an idea of some of the possibilities in design and use of your porch.

Porch Designs

Gable Roof Porch

A gable roof porch offers a simple but traditional look to any home and like the example in the picture, can contrast with the main roof of your house and provide character to your home. For those who like simplicity, this roof is the way to go. A gable roofed porch is well ventilated and water runs off it extremely well, so it not only looks good, but is practical too.

Double-Door Porch


When it comes to choosing your porch, two can be better than one. Porches with two doors rather than one offer more of a grand feel to opening your home. They not only bring in more light and more space but they look great too. They can certainly give your home more curb appeal and make you stand out on your street.

Colour Matched Porch

If you’re looking for a porch which is in keeping with the look of your home, then the choice of colours and grains on our windows and doors gives you plenty to mull over when deciding which colour best suits your property.

At Trade Windows we like to make sure we keep a close eye down to every last detail, so if you want to colour match, your windows, doors, roofline down to even your garage we can do exactly that.

Take a look at the beautiful light oak porch we completed for a customer above to see what you can achieve with a colour matched porch.

 What Can You Use Your Porch For?

Living Space

A porch doesn’t just have to be an entrance to your home, it can also add extra living space to sit and relax in. Think of it almost as a conservatory or orangery on the front of your house. Maybe there is more room at the front then at the back of your home, so it works out as the perfect solution.

Particularly if you live in the countryside or in a quiet area, a place to sit and relax at the front of the home with extra light can work really well. We have the choices in windows, doors and roofing to allow you build an extra living space on your home.

A Place for Muddy Boots

If you’ve been out for the day on a long country walk, or the kids have been playing football, then it’s probably more than likely you’ll have some muddy footwear on and there’s nothing worse than muddy footprints on your carpet.

A porch can be used as a useful place to take off footwear and leave it before you enter the home, it stops those muddy footprints in their tracks and makes sure you home is kept nice and clean. Porches can also be useful to store all items of clothing such as big coats and umbrellas for when the weather isn’t at its best. It all depends on the design and size of the porch you choose.

A Beautiful Entrance to Your Home

A porch doesn’t only have to have its practical uses, it can also simply provide a statement. At Trade Windows the possibilities in design are endless so you can dream as big as you want to. If you want a large glazed porch with less brickwork or decorative glass designs in your doors and windows, we can do that for you.

So if you’re thinking about having a porch extension on your home, please give us a call on 01332 755551.