Pick the Right Lock, so Your Lock Can’t Be Picked

When it comes to making sure our homes are secure, many of us will invest a good amount of money into our alarm systems, with sensors all around our home to detect any intruders whilst we are out or asleep.

This is all well and good for alerting us and our neighbours to a potential break in, but the alarm is also telling us that the burglar has already managed to get into our home, the hardest part of their job – it does nothing to stop them actually getting in. It’s the lock that keeps our unwanted guests out in the cold.

Ultion Lock from Trade WindowsMaking sure you choose the right lock should be high on your agenda. You want your doors to add style and character to your home, but they also need to form a barrier between your possessions and intruders. You need a lock which is resilient, unbreakable and that has been rigorously tested to make sure your security is its top priority.


Trade Windows has teamed up with Ultion to provide you with the ultimate secure but easy to open lock. The Ultion Lock, is tried, tested and unbeaten. Made up of 11 pins, rather than the standard 5 or 6, the Ultion lock provides an unbelievable 294,000 key combinations – the more combinations, the more security for you and your family. The lock can be installed on any of our doors – from entrance doors to composite doors, from bi-fold doors to French doors, the Ultion Lock protects every entrance to your home.


Before you choose your lock you want to know that it actually works and that it does the job you are trusting it to do. A lock has a big responsibility to protect your possessions as well as your family. Most locks will have been tested in a test centre, in a staged environment but the Ultion Lock has been tested on a real life door, on a real life home with the most common break-in methods used to test the lock. Check out the video below to see just how resilient the lock is.


Like we mentioned, the lock has been tested using the most common types of break-in methods and it’s designed to be completely resistant to all of them. Three of the main methods of lock breaking are lock picking, lock drilling and lock bumping. The Ultion Lock is fitted with specific pins to combat all three of these methods, to leave the intruder frustrated but most importantly firmly outside your home. The only tool that can unlock it, is your key.


Even if the person attempting to get into your home damages the handle or part of the lock, its special lockdown mode makes sure you can still use your door and that you are fully in control of your home’s security. When the lock detects an attempt to break it, an attack lock in the centre makes sure your home is secure and the attack lock lives far inside so even the most persistent intruder can’t beat it.


Most of us have a big lump of keys all connected together somewhere in the bottom of our handbags or pockets. With most keys looking very similar, it can be hard for us to tell which our garage key is or which is our front door key. With Ultion, one key fits all. No more messing about trying to work out which key is which when all you want to do is get in and put the kettle on. With one key you can open all your fully secured doors.


Ultion is so confident in its locks that they come with a £1,000 guarantee for anyone whose house is burgled through the lock being broken. As yet there have been no takers on this offer, showing just how secure it is. So make sure you get a lock that really does lock your door.