Enjoy Modern Outdoor Living in Derby

Enjoy Modern Outdoor Living in Derby

Research from Houzz shows that around 60 percent of homeowners are choosing improvements that make better use of their garden. At the moment, there is a real trend for outdoor living in the UK. It’s not surprising and we’re seeing some amazing projects in outdoor living in Derby.

The Modern Outdoor Living Trend

The new trend in outdoor living is all about making the garden more accessible and making it feel like an extra room in your house. It can help the home to breathe by bringing in light and fresh air from the garden and let you enjoy the plants outside much more.

With summer now here, it’s a good time to think about making outdoor living your next home improvement.

Bring The Outdoors In With Trade Windows

We’re seeing this at Trade Windows in Derby. Visitors to our Home Improvement Centre are asking us about ways in which they can connect the inside to the outside.

In the Home Improvement Centre, just off London Road on Navigation Retail Park, we have different modern outdoor living home improvements on display to inspire your next project.

Check out below some of the ways in which you can make your home part of the outdoor living trend.

Bifold Doors

One of the most popular and best ways to bring the outdoors in, is bifold doors. At Trade Windows, we really like bifold doors. They look super modern and simply fold away, looking really stylish when they’re open and closed.

There are so many design possibilities as well with a bifold door. No matter what space you have for one to fit in, you can get a design which suits you. With the option of inwards and outwards opening, doors go from 2 panes up to 6 panes wide and with a huge choice on colours, your bifold door can be perfect for your home.

On display in our Home Improvement Centre is a 6 pane bifold door.  Come in and take a look. Its size and great design gives you a really good idea of what you can achieve with bifold doors. Lots of light flows into the room and the slim sightlines give it a sleek appearance. They’re a really great choice if you’re looking to open up your home to the garden.

Glass Roof Conservatory

So where should your bifold doors go? A good place to put them is on a conservatory. If you’ve been thinking about adding a conservatory to your home, having one fitted with bifold doors is a super way to join the modern outdoor living trend in Derby.

To make sure you really get all the great benefits of outdoor living, a conservatory fitted with lots of glass throughout, including having a glass roof fitted, can really make you feel like the outside is coming in.

With a glass conservatory roof, natural light will fill your room and there’s special solar controlled glass to stop it getting too hot in the summer months. There’s lots of great ways to make your conservatory look ultra-modern. Read our conservatory ideas blog for inspiration.

Or if you already have a conservatory, you might want to make it part of your home. By changing the roof to Equinox, our solid conservatory roof system, you can remove the internal walls to merge your living space with your conservatory and get the open plan living you desire.

To talk to a member of the team about outdoor living, call 01332 75551.