Open up your home with large span bifold doors in Derby

Are you finding yourself drawn to the latest homeware magazines and furniture adverts, imagining how nice it would be for your home to be worthy of a feature in a glossy magazine or high up on a billboard.

Ever noticed the recurring theme in these beautiful spreads? Large span glazing. And they look amazing.

Large span glazing, such as bifold doors in Derby, can transform homes from a standard run of the mill space to a stunning property that wouldn’t look out of place as a new showhome.

Why choose bifold doors in Derby

The beauty of installing bifold doors in Derby is that they give you panoramic views of your garden outside and fully open up merging your indoors and outdoors seamlessly.

What it means is that nature becomes the wallpaper. Ever changing throughout the day, week, seasons and years. No two days will ever be the same, and that’s perfect for design lovers who want an ever inspiring interior and nature lovers alike. Now it’s not often you throw those two types of people together, but with the result of choosing big doors or huge expanses of glass creating this amazing vista, it works.

Large span bifold doors to add peace and tranquility back into your lives

Who wouldn’t want a slice of nature as the backdrop to their lives?

Mindfulness is one of the biggest trends to combat the stress of modern life, there are even apps like Headspace and Calm to facilitate it. Apps like these give you 15 second videos of nature to focus on, cancelling out the noise and stress of the outside world.

But rather that watching it on a small screen, what about having a beautifully wide wall of glass to look out onto the world through?

See the world in a whole new light through bifold doors in Derby

The more you look, the more you see. Whether it’s birds swooping down, the changing leaves on a tree, raindrops trickling down the glass or maybe even that cheeky squirrel that keeps you amused by running up and down the fence. These are just some of the things that you get for free when you install large expanses of glass.

There’s no need to change the wallpaper when you’re getting a constantly evolving view. And you don’t have to worry about colours being in vogue, because nature always goes perfectly with any colour scheme.

These are just a few reasons why installing bifold doors in Derby gives you so much more that you expect.

Our bifold door range

We offer both PVCu bifold doors and aluminium bifold doors which fold away in their own beautiful way to open up homes like never before, as well as provide stunning views when shut too.

Our PVCu bifold doors are available in a variety of colours, such as white, cream, golden, grey, oak, golden oak, Irish oak, black ash, and white ash so you can tailor your new feature to match seamlessly to its surroundings.

Aluminium bifold doors offer you full design flexibility, however, as you can choose any RAL colour to give your home a completely bespoke and unique feature, personalised to your home’s individual needs.

Transform your home into a stunning space of tranquility with our full range of home improvement products

If you don’t have the space large span bifold doors in Derby, choosing roof lights can give you another connection to nature. See the sky day and night. It gives you so many chances to be at one with your surroundings. Switch off the electric lights and sit quietly under the moonlight inside your home, no matter how cold it is outside.

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