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Traditional composite door Derby

Finding the right composite door for my Derby home

Choosing the perfect front door doesn’t need to be a difficult decision. At Trade Windows, we want to help you find the right composite door for your Derby home.

A front door adds to the kerb appeal of your home as it is the focal point of your exterior. Front doors have a dual purpose of inviting people in, as well as keeping people out. Our composite doors are perfectly suited to every home. They can be personalised to fit all ages and styles of homes, from traditional to contemporary.

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Why am I getting condensation on my windows?

With colder temperatures outside, we tend to see condensation more regularly on our windows. It is only normal to find yourself asking ‘why am I getting condensation on my windows?’ We all get fed up with seeing moisture on our windows, but there are many ways we can prevent the build up of condensation in our homes before it leads to a more serious problem.

At Trade Windows, we want to let you know the best ways to prevent condensation on your windows and in your home. Understanding the causes is important for knowing how to prevent the build-up of moisture.

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Christmas windowsill

Choosing the right windows for your Derby home

So, the time has come for you to think about getting new windows for your home. Whether you’ve got issues with condensation or draughts, are looking for increased energy efficiency, or you just fancy a change, there are lots of considerations to take into account before you make your choice.

But a window is just a window, isn’t it? Well, no. There’s actually a lot more to choosing the right windows for your Derby home than you might think.

The main decision to make is what style of window will suit your needs the best. Here we talk about the main window styles available to choose from.

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Cladding House New Derby
Doors, Windows

Upgrading your home with a suite of windows and doors – Derby

Upgrading your home can be an incredibly exciting experience, and you may be feeling a huge sense of anticipation as you look forward to seeing your property transformation. Whether you want to avoid moving or love the home you’re currently in, renovating your house can be just as rewarding as getting onto the property ladder.

Having a new suite of windows and doors can make a big difference to your property without having too much of an impact on your daily life. We’ve put together this helpful guide to make sure you’re well informed before you get started on your project.

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Derby whole house double glazing

How long does uPVC double glazing last?

When people ask how long does uPVC double glazing last, the short answer is a minimum of 20 years. However, this depends on a series of factors so there really is no accurate response. It’s like estimating the lifespan of a timber fence, a gearbox or a pair of jeans.

Two people buying the same make and model of car won’t get exactly the same longevity out of the vehicle. If one person lives near the coast and drives 30 miles a day, doesn’t get it regularly serviced or wash it frequently, while the other only drives 5 miles a day, lives in an unexposed area, gets regular services and takes great pride in the appearance of their car, then the results will likely be vastly different.

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Gabled Porch Black Door

The different styles of doors – Derby

Not sure what style of door to choose for your home? Each door style has its own qualities and is best suited to different types of property. We have outlined the most popular doors for homeowners in and around Derby and their features to help you make the best choice for your home, based on the way you live and where they are being installed.

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composite doors

Front doors Derby – Designs

None of us want our precious heat to escape through our windows and doors, now more than ever. It’s time to change your front door to an energy efficient composite front door, keeping in the heating and keeping out draughts!

As well as a door with superior performance, our composite doors offer style, security, and low maintenance. From contemporary to traditional, we will have a door which will suit your property.

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Aluminium Bifold Doors
Bi-fold doors

Configuration options – bifold doors derby

Bifold doors are an ever growing, popular choice for Derby home improvements, as they offer modern style and can completely transform any living space. The huge range of design and configuration options offer you complete flexibility when it comes to choosing how you want your bifolds to suit the way you live. You can choose the number of panels, size and colour options for your door. No matter what project you’re working on, we have a bifold door option for your property.

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