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How to choose the right kitchen doors in Derby

How to choose the right kitchen doors in Derby

When redecorating your kitchen, it’s not just the kitchen doors on your cupboard that you need to get right, but your external kitchen doors too. The right doors can complete the look of your kitchen and add the finishing touches you need.

A door from Trade Windows can be just what you’re looking for by adding style, light, space, a connection to your garden or by withstanding the hustle and bustle of a busy family kitchen.

Choosing from our range of outside kitchen doors in Derby depends on what you want to achieve from your new kitchen.

We have a range of kitchen doors in Derby designed to impress

The biggest trend in kitchen improvements is wide-span doors, which can add the wow factor to your home whether you’ve extended your kitchen, replaced it completely or just wanted an upgrade.

We offer wide-span kitchen doors in Derby, such as our aluminium bifold doors, PVCu bifold doors or aluminium sliding doors, that are guaranteed to give your home a wow factor with large glazed areas for impressive views, light and an added feeling of space even when closed.

Our wide-span doors ooze with style, giving you a modern, stunning and exciting feature, and enhancing the look of your kitchen.

If it’s a grand entrance to your garden you’re after, our French doors are a great choice.

French doors are the perfect way to add a chic style and a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ and can be gloriously flung open to the garden.

Doors to make your kitchen a lighter, brighter space

If you’re looking make your kitchen lighter and brighter, our doors are a great way make the most of the natural sunlight.

You can illuminate your home with our patio doors or aluminium sliding doors as they each offer uninterrupted glass panels to let the sunlight flood in.

This is a great way to give your whole kitchen an upgrade as more light will make cooking feel easier.

Wide-span doors are a great choice to add extra space to your kitchen

Choosing the right kitchen doors in Derby may depend on how much space you have and if you want to add more.

All of our wide-span doors help to add space with large glazed areas which give homes an open plan feeling, including our patio, sliding and bifold doors.

Bifold doors are a particularly superb way to do this as they completely open up an entire room with their concertina opening style, giving a totally uninterrupted space.

This leaves incredibly wide openings that can extend your home to your garden, adding a huge amount of open space. Even when shut, our bifold doors will make your kitchen feel more spacious, with views to the garden.

Merge your indoors and outdoors effortlessly with Trade Windows

As we’ve just mentioned, connecting your kitchen to your garden is an important factor to many Derby homes, and our bifold, patio, sliding, and French doors are all a brilliant way to do this.

With our kitchen doors, you can seamlessly merge your indoors and outdoors, making your home the ideal BBQ destination, the perfect setting for al fresco dining, or the go to place for your family to make the most of playing in the garden.

For a practical and functional option, choose from our range of PVCu doors

If it’s a simple and functional kitchen door you’re looking for, choose our PVCu back doors.

Our PVCu doors offer low maintenance and excellent durability as using PVCu means the door can withstand the hustle and bustle that many kitchens face.

They’re scratch resistant and paint free, making them suitable entrances and exits to your garden, enduring all the running in and out of your family to the great outdoors.

Find our full range of kitchen doors at our Derby showroom

If you’re looking for kitchen doors in Derby, get in touch with Trade Windows.

You can visit our showroom where we have a fully fitted kitchen on display, complete with our attractive and practical doors so you can envision how they would look in your home and choose which one would best suit your kitchen’s needs.


Conservatory styles to suit any home from Trade Windows

Conservatory styles to suit any home from Trade Windows

A Trade Windows conservatory is ideal to add extra space and natural light, and we offer many different conservatory styles to suit any home in Derbyshire.

Choosing the right conservatory style depends on what you’re aiming to achieve

We offer 6 different conservatory styles, Georgian and gable-end, Edwardian, Victorian, lean-to and garden rooms, P and T-shaped as well as orangeries. The styles range from traditional to modern contemporary designs.

Choosing the right conservatory depends on what you’re trying to achieve for your home, whether you’d like to add traditional charm, add a large amount of space, or flood your home with sunlight.

Georgian and gable-end conservatories

Georgian and gable-end conservatories are ideal if you’re looking to add a grand feature to your home.

Georgian conservatories are symmetrical with a rectangular or square shape and have a high sloping roof to create a magnificent light filled space.

Gable-end conservatories are an adaptation of the Georgian style, with a upright roof instead of sloping backwards.

Though they differ in design, both styles bring a striking elegance to any home and look particularly beautiful in traditional style properties.

Edwardian conservatories

Edwardian style conservatories offer an understated sophistication to homes with a simple yet beautiful design.

The square, flat shape and sloping roof allows the conservatory to blend in effortlessly to the rest of your home for a natural extension and the flat walls make the most of the available space.

The seamless design makes this conservatory style an ideal choice for any home, whether old or new.

Victorian conservatories

Victorian conservatories are the most popular of our conservatory styles as they suit any home, deriving from the golden age of conservatory building in the 19th century.

This style of conservatory reflects the architecture of the Victorian period, with gothic elements, bow ends, steep roofs and striking decorative ridge details.

While these features are perfect in retaining the character in traditional properties, a Victorian conservatory can also be a great addition to modern homes to add charm and style.

Lean-to conservatories and garden rooms

If you want to make the most of the sun, a lean-to conservatory or garden room is a great choice.

Inspired by simple Mediterranean sun rooms, this conservatory style is designed to make the most of the sun all year round with clean lines and a rectangular shape.

Not only wonderful for flooding your home with light, lean-to conservatories or garden rooms can make the most of limited space, which makes them a smart choice for properties on smaller plots.

This conservatory style is a stunning way to merge the indoors and outdoors, making it a superb choice for admiring the winter sun in the colder months and soaking up the rays in the summer.

You can also extend your lean-to conservatory or garden room to include a canopy area, making it the perfect outdoor living retreat.

This design is one of the more modern conservatory styles we offer, ideal for extending new build or adding a contemporary spin on traditional properties.

P and T-shaped conservatories

P and T-shaped conservatories are a great way to create extra space without taking up too much of your garden space. The designs are named after the shape of the letters.

P-shaped conservatories come in the shape of a P, with a Victorian style, or an L, with an Edwardian style, and can create 2 separate living areas.

T-shaped conservatories provide 2 wings for a huge amount of extra space, and to lead into an impressive entrance to your garden.

These conservatory styles are best on larger properties which have a long external wall to build on.


For a spin on a conventional conservatory, choose an orangery.

An orangery is a fabulous alternative, with brick walls instead of glass walls to create a more formal, private room.

This is a good option if you want to add extra light and space in a seamless style along with excellent insulation for a room you can use all year round.
Orangeries look superb on any home, and can be used for an abundance of different things, from a kitchen to an office, a dining room to a playroom.

To take a look at the different conservatory styles we offer and to find out which one would best suit your home and your needs, visit our showroom on London Road, Derby.

Trade Windows Get the look blog photo

Get Your Dream Kitchen Extension In Derby

Get Your Dream Kitchen Extension In Derby

Extending your kitchen is one of the best ways to add space and value to your property. But it’s for the practicality where you’ll find the everyday benefits.

The quality of your kitchen can have a big impact on how much you enjoy cooking. If you have a small, cramped kitchen, you may not have the space to prepare the flavourful, ambitious meals you want to cook. An extension helps you to be more adventurous with your recipes. It’ll give you more room to store kitchen appliances, gadgets, food, and more space to prepare delicious meals.

Improve or Move?

Your first thought is probably to move to a bigger house in or around Derby where you’ll have extra space in your kitchen. But with the current housing market, more people are deciding to improve and not move. A kitchen extension in Derby can add real value to your property.

Many homes have untapped potential and space around the property to increase the size and improve the look. It allows you to stay in the area you know well and doesn’t mean a change of commute to work or potentially moving the children to a new school. Improving is definitely a good choice if you’re looking to add some extra space.

Getting The Look for Your Kitchen Extension In Derby

So, what do you want your new kitchen space to look like? At Trade Windows in Derby we have a partnership with local kitchens company, Kitchens Complete. Through our partnership we can give you inspiration for your kitchen extension, inside and out.

We recently refurbished our showroom to show you how you can extend your kitchen to get your dream space to cook, eat and enjoy time with the family. We have a kitchen extension on display right at the entrance of the showroom with all the latest design trends. Find out below a little about how our kitchen extension can inspire you.

An Orangery

The kitchen extension we have designed for the front of the showroom is an orangery. Orangeries are a really popular way to add space and light to your property. In fact, space and light are two of the main themes behind kitchen extension designs.

Orangeries are very similar to conservatories but with less glass. Yet they still bring lots of natural light inside. Instead of having lots of windows like a conservatory, an orangery is more like an extension and the doors and roof have a bigger role to play to bring the light inside. It’s the perfect setting for a kitchen extension in Derby.

Bifold Doors

Like we mentioned, doors have a bigger role to play to make sure lots of natural light can come inside. At Trade Windows our kitchen extension has some beautiful bifold doors. We love these aluminium bifold doors in grey. They look great, and offer plenty of design choice so whether you have a large kitchen extension, or a smaller extension, we have bifold doors to fit.

There are 32 opening styles to choose from with panels that fit together and open and close in a concertina effect. Bifold doors look superb when fully open in the summer and during the winter months, allow you to enjoy those sunny winter mornings.

Installing bifold doors to your kitchen is a great way to connect your kitchen to the garden and enjoy the sun whilst you sit down as a family or have a meal with friends. Speak to one of our bifold door experts to help with your kitchen extension project.

Skypod Roof Lantern

To add a spectacular finish to the roof of your kitchen extension, choose a Skypod roof lantern from Trade Windows. The orangery kitchen extension on the front of our showroom has an impressive three-bar designed Skypod fitted to the roof. As soon as you step inside the kitchen, the Skypod provides an impressive view of the blue sky.

Skypods are a top choice for any kitchen extension. They allow lots of natural light to flood inside, making your new kitchen bright and well lit. We have Skypods in two and three-bar designs, it all depends on your budget and the size of your extension. Skypods are available in a number of frame colour options to mix or match with the windows and doors on your property. Ask our showroom team for details.

Visit Trade Windows Today

If you’re looking to get your kitchen extension project underway and you want products details, design inspiration and planning information, call 01332 344459 to book your appointment. Or just pop into the Trade Windows Home Improvement Centre and one of our team will be able to help with your new kitchen extension.

Trade Windows Charity Tree

Give A Gift To Royal Derby This Christmas

If you’ve been into the new Trade Windows showroom on London Road since its launch on November 12, you’ll know there’s a Christmas tree with some very special gifts underneath.

We’ve been collecting presents for children who will be in the Royal Derby Hospital over the Christmas period, and we will be doing so right up until the middle of December. The Royal Derby does so much great work to treat and look after poorly children. Christmas can be an especially tough time for children who spend it in hospital, so we want to help in any way we can. It’s also a hard time for mums, dads, sisters, brothers, grandparents and friends.

We’re inviting anyone who wishes to, to donate a gift. Just bring it along to the Trade Windows showroom and we will pop it under the tree, ready for Santa (or one of his helpers) to deliver to the hospital a week before Christmas.

We’ve already had presents donated of all shapes and sizes, we might even have to get a second tree to put them all under! We really appreciate any donations made, just one gift can brighten a day for children who are ill at Christmas.

If you’re thinking about donating a gift but need some ideas, don’t worry we have a few suggestions. If you want to get something for a younger child, how about a teddy bear or an awesome shark and whales sticker book? Maybe a festive colouring book or a dolly?

For the children a little bit older you could go for a board game, a book or vouchers. A puzzle or a trainset can be enjoyable for children of all ages. Whatever you decide to get, we’re sure it will bring a smile to the children’s faces.

To donate, please drop a gift in to the Trade Windows showroom either wrapped with the age of the child it’s suitable for – or unwrapped and we can wrap it for you. Thank you for donating to the children at Royal Derby hospital and thank you for supporting our campaign. We hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

If you’d like to talk to us about your donation, please call us on 01332 755551.


Skypod in Derby

With autumn approaching, we still want to keep our homes bright and warm, and with a Skypod in Derby you can do this.

A Skypod can be added to any flat roof extension or even your garage to add extra sunlight, warmth, and space. Perhaps you don’t get as much use of your extension because it’s not as inviting in the cold months due to the dim lighting and lack of warmth. A Skypod is a stylish way to transform your room by breathing in new life with extra space and flooding it with daylight all year round.

365 days of sun

A Skypod in Derby is perfect to give you a room you can use all year round, as it can open your room to the beautiful autumn sun and brighten up the room below as the daylight shines through. You can watch the winter rays pour through your Skypod to keep your room warmer inside while it’s getting colder outside. Imagine the first spring sunshine peeping through your Skypod letting your whole home know warmer times are approaching, and finally once summer rolls around you can catch the pure blue skies and the glowing sun can illuminate your room.

The additional light can be used to transform your space from a dingy extension to a living space you’ll be able to use as a relaxing retreat, a dining area, or a playroom for your children.

If you want to make the most of the natural sunlight all year round, you can opt for an impressive larger Skypod, with sizes going up to 2.57m x 8.7m, making your home feel like it’s summer all year round.

With all the light a Skypod brings, there’s no need to keep your lights on in your room, giving you a great ambience and lowering your electricity bills, saving you money.

Warmer all year round

At Trade Windows, we fit Skypods in Derby to keep your living space warm in the colder months so you can get full use out of your space. Our Skypods have U-values as low as 1.0 W²mK and the PVCu capping helps to insulate your room, providing you with excellent energy efficiency and saving you money on heating bills.

For extra comfort, we also offer solar controlled glass on our Skypods to keep the temperature of your room just right – not too hot in the summer and not too cold in the winter. To find out more about how our solar control glass works, find out more on our Pilkington Activ™ glass blog.

With such a warm, bright room, a Skypod will guarantee you’ll want to use your space all year round.

New space, new style

A Skypod won’t just transform your home by adding an abundance of stunning sunlight and cosy warmth, it will give your room extra space too. The pitched roof adds height to your room, giving your home a standout feature and making it feel much bigger.

Adding a Skypod can upgrade any property, with the drama the extra height provides giving your home kerb appeal and making it unique. The stylish feature is a great for both newer and older properties, giving any home a more modern and upgraded look.

Choose from a range of colours with our Skypod to match with your existing windows, doors and roof, with white, Rosewood, Golden Oak, Moondust Grey, and Anthracite Grey external colours available and a white internal finish for extra brightness.

If you want to add your own flair, you can customise your glass and go for Bronze or Aqua glass instead of the traditional clear to make a more daring and adventurous Skypod.

If you’re interested in adding light, warmth, and space to your flat roof extension or garage with a Skypod in Derby, get in touch with the Trade Windows team on 01332 755551.


How To Spot Problems With Your Roofline In Derby

Replacing Your Roofline In Derby 

Your home’s roofline plays a more important role in keeping your property looking great then you might think. Your fascias, soffits and guttering, when in top working condition, take care of your home’s appearance and can help to prevent problems with damp, staining and even issues with your foundation. So, it’s really important to make sure your property can manage the flow of rain water.

But how do you recognise the signs that your roofline needs attention? Here’s a checklist for the top issues to watch out for.


  1. Peeling Paint On Your Roofline In Derby

First things first, take a trip outside and take a walk around your house to look at your roofline. If your roofline is timber, then you may be able to see signs of paint peeling on either your fascias, soffits or barge boards. If so, it’s likely that the timber has begun to rot which means rain can now get inside your roof.

To stop this happening, you have to repaint your roofline a number of times to keep it in good condition. It’s a time-consuming job and no one really wants to have to keep climbing up a ladder to do it.

With a PVCu roofline, you barely have to do any maintenance to keep it looking great and working well. A quick wipe with a damp cloth from time to time will keep it looking fresh.

At Trade Windows in Derby our PVCu roofline system stops the rot and leaves your roofline in a great condition for years to come. If you want to find out more about how our PVCu roofline system works, read our blog about saying goodbye to soffit maintenance .


  1. Get Your Mind In The Gutter

If your home is in close proximity to trees, then there is a good chance during autumn that the leaves the trees shed, could end up in your guttering and drains being blocked. But how do you spot this?

If it has been dry for a few days but you can still see water dripping from your gutters, then there’s a good chance that they have been blocked by debris and leaves. This means that, over time, if water continues to drip and doesn’t drain away properly, it could end up causing issues with your foundation or creating damp.


  1. Rotting In Your Roofline

If your guttering is blocked, it means water can spill over the sides and run down your fascias, which in time, will begin to allow water to seep through them and actually rot your timber roof frame behind them.

This can cause real problems on the inside of your roof so you need to make sure if you notice any of the signs above, that you act quickly. Replacing your roofline with Trade Windows’ PVCu roofline system can help you to say goodbye to maintenance.

Call 01332 755551 to book an appointment with a member of our team now so we can come out and take a look at your roofline for a free no obligation quote.



Customer Feedback August 2017

Over the last 24 years we’ve installed more than 40,000 installations for customers in the East Midlands. Whether it’s a conservatory, a houseful of windows, roofline, an aluminium door in a new kitchen extension, or a new bathroom window, we ask all our customers for feedback when we’ve finished installing at their homes. We read every single comment that comes back to us. Here’s a selection of some of their recent comments:

Excellent workmanship

Mr and Mrs K from Castle Donnington rated the sales advisor, survey and admin team, and the installation as excellent. Here’s what they had to say: “Very professional and most helpful with design ideas. We’re very pleased with the finished job. Excellent workmanship.”










Tidy workers

Mrs S from Turnditch rated us excellent in all categories. She added: “Matt and Josh were amazing. Our windows are fabulous. They were tidy workers. Brilliant.”

Installers were tidy and friendly

Mr and Mrs K from Aston on Trent has used us before. Again, three ticks in the excellent boxes. “We called Trade Windows on the morning of my day off and Mark came in the afternoon. Thank you!” They added that the installers were tidy and friendly. Their final comment was: “Keep up with the good work. Thanks very much.”

Very polite

It was a family connection for Mr and Mrs C from Allestree as we were recommended by their son who has also had windows fitted by us. They said: “We were given a detailed description of the units recommended and explained their benefits which have proven true. We were kept informed of the progress of our order and were provided information about the units fitted. The job was performed with the minimum of intrusion. The installers were very polite and gave us instructions of how to operate and maintain the windows.”


Helpful and professional

We weren’t the first port of call for Mr and Mrs C in Melbourne who only called into the showroom because someone else was closed on a Saturday afternoon! They said: “We saw Mark who was very helpful and professional. Everything about the service offered was excellent. We wouldn’t hesitate to endorse you in the future.”

A fantastic job

We’ve been part of the airport grant scheme to reduce the noise from aircraft taking off and landing. Here’s what Ms P from Kegworth said after her new windows were installed: “Matt and Craig did a fantastic job. The lads were friendly, professional and clean. We are very happy with the finished result. Thank you.”

Explained everything

Mr W had seen an installation of ours at a property nearby his home in Borrowash and liked the product. He said: “Very nice, pleasant people. The fitting team introduced themselves and got on with the job. They explained everything. No problems.”

Cheerful and hardworking

After coming into the showroom, Mrs S in Allestree decided to go ahead with her installation. She said: “The installers were cheerful and hardworking. They did an excellent job. Very pleased with the result.”

It’s lovely when we get feedback like this – especially for the installation teams. Thank you all for your amazing comments.

To book a survey with us, call us on 01332 755551 or visit us in the showroom just opposite Wickes on  Navigation Way, 810 London Rd, Derby, DE24 8WA.


Use your conservatory in Derby all year round

Don’t you just hate it when the sun comes out and your conservatory in Derby turns into an oven? It’s the time of year where you should be loving the extra space a conservatory can give you, but even with the windows and doors wide open you still can’t relax because it’s simply too hot.

There’s probably not much wrong with your conservatory walls. It’s likely to be an issue with the glass or polycarbonate roof. Today, did you know that you can change the roof to create a room that keeps you warm in winter and cool in the summer so you can enjoy your conservatory all year round?

There are two main reasons for this. The first is solid roof technology has come on in leaps and bounds. The system Trade Windows recommends is Equinox from Eurocell, they’re one of the leading manufacturers of conservatory roofs – so they know what they’re doing. It’s a great system that’s quick to install and looks amazing. You get plaster and ceiling lights on the inside – so it really looks like part of your home. And in lots of cases, it’s only the roof that needs changing.

Permitted development

The second reason is changes to permitted development. It’s part of the planning laws and they’ve been relaxed for private properties so that where before only a glazed roof conservatory would be allowed, now in many cases adding a solid roof comes within the relaxed planning laws.

To find out whether you can change the roof on your conservatory in Derby, you need to book a survey. We will come out and look at the current design. We will be able to advise you on your options and show you what we can do.

Equinox roof options

There are lots of options on an Equinox roof. There are a number of tile choices for the external finish so that you can pick something that looks good and fits in with the main roof on your home. The Equinox solid roof system is designed to add roof lights. We can advise on the best position if you want extra daylight coming in.

Of course, you may want to think about removing the doorway from the house and opening up the room to make it open plan or switch from patio doors to bi-folds. You could even look at adding another conservatory to create a much larger area to use.

See it at our Home Improvement Centre in Derby

We have an Equinox roof on display at our Home Improvement Centre opposite Wicks on Navigation Way, 810 London Rd, Derby, DE24 8WA. It used to have a glazed roof and we switched it a couple of years ago. We don’t need to turn on the underfloor heating as much anymore and it doesn’t overheat, even in the height of summer.

So, if you’d like to use your conservatory in Derby every day of the year, it’s time to pick up the phone and call 01332 755551 to book a survey with us or visit us in the showroom.


Add Character To Your Home With a Traditional Conservatory in Derby

Right back to the Victorian era, Traditional conservatories have always been popular and never go out of fashion.

Although orangeries have become more common on people’s homes over recent years, and solid roof conservatories like our Equinox system provide alternatives to traditional conservatories, we still find lots of people go for the traditional look of some of the more classically designed conservatories.

When people visit the Trade Windows Home Improvement Centre, many tell us that they want a conservatory that adds character to their home. Their eye is often drawn to the traditional style conservatories we have on display. It’s the design, look and feel of our traditional conservatories that makes them a popular choice for many people looking to add a new space to their home.

One of the things we love about traditional conservatories is the beautiful and classic designs they have which are timeless. Period conservatories can be added to an older property to be in keeping with its rustic look, or added to a modern home to add a touch of traditional elegance.

There are many different traditional style conservatories to choose from at Trade Windows in Derby. It can sometimes be hard to know which design will work best for your home and fit with your vision. If you’re looking for a traditional conservatory in Derby, find out more below about the different types of designs you can get from Trade Windows.

Victorian Conservatory

Victorian conservatories have a really elegant look. You can see them on many people’s homes across Derby.  With a bay front and a pitched roof, the ornate roof ridge often found on Victorian conservatories gives it a period look. They can add character to any modern property, or complement the look of an older home.

Victorian conservatories are often used by customers at Trade Windows as a relaxing spot to enjoy the garden in peace, with fantastic light it’s also a great place to read a book.

Edwardian Conservatory

Based on the Victorian design, Edwardian conservatories have a rectangular shape with a flat front. With a ridged roof design too, Edwardian conservatories look great if you match the colour of the frame and roof with your windows and doors, to get a consistent matching look across your property.

Lean-to traditional conservatory in Derby

Lean-to conservatories have a recognisable traditional design. Sometimes called a Mediterranean, lean-to conservatories usually have a slanted roof which slopes down away from the property.

A really simple but effective design if you’re just looking for a place to relax and chill out. With a lean-to conservatory, you can get a traditional conservatory in Derby that has a simple design, but can add an elegant touch to your home.

P or L Shaped Conservatories

P shaped conservatories, or L shaped as they are often referred to, mix lean-to conservatories with Victorian or Edwardian styles. Great for adding extra space or a garden style room to the home, P shaped conservatories are often very spacious so they are a good option to go for if you’re looking to create a second large living space or perhaps use it as a large dining area.

T Shaped Conservatories

Another great traditional conservatory in Derby you can get from Trade Windows is the T shaped design. Usually designed as a wide room which can span across the width of a property, the doors are positioned centrally to provide a stylish entrance to the garden. Take a look at the picture above and you can see this customer has Georgian bars on their windows which go really well with the colour and design of this T shaped conservatory.

Talk To Trade Windows

If you’d like to talk about any of the conservatory designs above, talk to Trade Windows on 01332 755551 to arrange an appointment. We talk you through all the different designs you can go for and other design options like bifold doors, which are a great way to connect your home to your garden.


Dine Al Fresco With Bifold Doors In Derby

Bifold Doors in Derby
Summer has seen some beautiful days so far. The weather has been scorching hot and the skies have had a lovely shade of blue. It’s been so hot in fact that the fans have been brought out of the loft and are on full power, with windows and doors flung wide open. It’s great to enjoy the sun’s beam and have BBQ’s, drinks and family members over. Gardens are in full bloom and the summer has well and truly arrived.

It’s a great feeling getting to enjoy our gardens more during the hot summer days. Having a few drinks and something to eat outside, always gets us excited after waiting months for the summer days to come back round. It’s the time of year where many people make improvements to their home and garden to make the most of the time they spend outside.

At Trade Windows in Derby, we see lots of ways in which people improve their homes to connect it to their garden. There are some really great ways to do it. One of the best and most popular ways to make more of the garden is bifold doors in Derby. Over the past few years, bifold doors have become increasingly popular with people looking to make a real statement on their home, and bring the outside in.

Al Fresco Dining

Have you ever been to a café, restaurant or pub that has bifold doors and thought how great they are for opening it up and merging the indoor and outdoor dining areas? Well why not do that in your own home too.

Outdoor living is a huge trend at the moment and dining outside is one of the main reasons why. Eating al fresco, whether it’s a sandwich or a BBQ is so enjoyable. Being out in the fresh air seems to make everything taste even better.

If you have a patio area with table and chairs for dining outside on evenings and weekends, having bifold doors fitted to your kitchen or dining room leading out onto the patio can look amazing and it has practical benefits too.

You can choose from 3 panels to 7. They create wide-open spaces that makes the garden easily accessible. If you connect bifold doors to your dining room, it means you can choose to relax inside or out, enjoying food in the garden, or looking out over the garden.

It’s also useful for carrying plates of food and drinks out onto the patio table from the kitchen. With such a wide-open space, it makes it easier to serve up dinner for family members or friends.

There are lots of design possibilities with bifold doors and plenty of reasons why you should add them to your home.

Read our bifold door reasons blog, to find out just some of the reasons why you should go for bifold doors in Derby.

To arrange an appointment to discuss your requirements and for advice and inspiration, call 01332 755551 and a member of the team will help you to start dining Al fresco.