Nigel Braithwaite, Sales Consultant, Trade Windows

Nigel has been working at Trade Windows for more than 15 years. His role on the sales team is slightly different to the other members of the team as he is a Sales Consultant.

Nigel brought with him plenty of experience to Trade Windows having previously worked for a national Home Improvements company.

Nigel specialises in conservatories, orangeries and extensions. He spends much of his week visiting customers’ homes surveying their properties and providing consultations and quotes to customers.

After his first visit to a customer’s home he then draws up the plans for the proposed extension or conservatory. Once drawn, he goes back for a second visit to show the customer the detailed plans and discuss with them further about their new home improvement project.

We spoke to Nigel and asked him some questions about his role with Trade Windows Derby.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

For me my favourite part of my role is seeing the project finally installed or completed. Once a new conservatory or extension is finished it’s great for both myself and the customer to look at it for the first time and see the customers dream realised. It’s a great feeling knowing you were part of the process of making a difference in someone’s life.

Going above and beyond for our customers is a big part of our jobs, each of us are a customer for one thing or another and we all want the best possible outcome from the service or product we’ve paid for. From the other side of it I like to make sure I meet the customer’s expectation and provide them with an installation or an extension that they are happy with.

How has your position changed over time?

For me it’s the products that have changed most over time. They continue to develop and improve and that means customers demand a better product. The spec is getting higher, the quality is getting better so expectation is increasing. One of the main things that has been noticeable is the growth in popularity of orangeries over the more traditional conservatories.

Orangeries offer a higher quality and better looking alternative to conservatories and even though it’s actually a traditional concept, they are proving much more popular than conservatories especially in modern properties and extensions.

When can customers find you in the Home Improvement Centre?

I am always in the Home Improvement Centre on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. You will also find me in there every other weekend but of course if a customer needs to book an appointment with me during any other time in the Home Improvement Centre, I am available too.