Derek Westcott, Technical Representative, Trade Windows

Derek Westcott, Technical Representative, Trade Windows

Derek has been part of the Trade Windows team for more than 21 years, holding the title of Technical Representative throughout his time with the windows, doors and conservatory specialists.

Before joining Trade Windows Derek worked for an insurance company. It made Trade Windows his first step into the glazing industry and he hasn’t looked back since. He is now well and truly a part of the Trade Windows family.

Derek splits his time between our Home Improvement Centre and out and about visiting customers houses to survey and take measurements for customer’s installations. Derek has a particular focus on windows, doors and roofline.

We asked Derek a few questions about his role at Trade Windows.

What’s your favourite part of your role?

I would have to say my favourite part of my job is getting out on the road and visiting customers in their homes. I really enjoy meeting new customers and when you visit their home, you really get a feel for what product they want and how it will look in their home to give them the best advice possible. It allows me to better assess what door or window best suits their property.

How has your role changed overtime?

The role itself hasn’t changed too much overtime, customers still want their doors, windows and conservatories but I’d say the biggest change to the way my role is carried out is certainly the effect of technology.

When I first started everything was done with a calculator and paper, it was certainly a lot more time consuming. Now with laptops and smart phones, everything is easier and quicker, we can show customers illustrations of what their chosen product will look like and create quotes for them online. It makes my job easier and for the customer they can get a better idea of how their window for example will look on their property.

The products themselves have also changed and developed over the years, windows and doors are more energy efficient, they provide better security for customers’ homes and there is a lot more choice in terms of colours and styles to pick from. The industry is always looking for ways to develop and improve products, so it’s always great when we get a new product in.

When are you in the Home Improvement Centre?

We keep the rota pretty much the same each week so we can always guarantee customers when each member of the team is going to be in the showroom. I am there every Tuesday from 1.30pm till 6pm, Wednesdays from 10am till 1.30pm, Fridays from 10am till 1.30pm and on Saturday between 10am and 3pm. Of course if customers want to book an appointment with me in the showroom any other time during opening hours, that’s completely fine.