Denis Pett, Technical Representative, Trade Windows

Denis Pett, Technical Representative, Trade Windows

A familiar face on the Trade Windows Sales team, Denis Pett has been working for Trade Windows for more than 20 years. He was new into glazing before joining us.

Previously, Denis was a professional musician, playing the piano and organ whilst touring around Europe for around 20 years. Music is something Denis is still very much passionate about today and he gets to as many concerts as he can.

Denis’s weekly routine is a mix of appointments in the Home Improvement Centre and visiting customers in their homes. He also spends much of his time speaking with installers checking on ongoing projects. He works 6 days a week, often they can be long hours to make sure he is available to provide support and advice to customers when they need it.

Denis has a wealth of knowledge across windows, doors, garage conversions, roofline and extensions.

We spoke with Denis about his position with Trade Windows.

Did you have any other roles within the company first?

No from my very first day I worked as a Technical Representative, so I have many years of experience in this position.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

I think what I enjoy most about the role, is seeing the final installation fitted or complete, whether that’s a door, window or a conservatory, I get great pleasure in seeing a successfully completed project. But what makes the project even better, is exceeding the customer’s expectations.

When somebody comes into Trade Windows looking to improve their home, like most people, they have a good idea of what they want and how they want it to look. It’s then up to the guys at Trade Windows to make sure we find them the best fit for what they want. So when a project is complete it’s great to see a happy customer.

How has your position changed over time?

How customers access information is definitely the biggest change since I started here. Obviously with social media and the internet as whole with just the click of a button customers can find a whole load of information about the products they are looking for.

When I first started customers wouldn’t always have that same level of knowledge about products so you’d talk them through all the options, whereas now, customers quite often have a rough idea about what they want and we as a team listen to them and then find them the best product for what they need.

When can customers find you in the Home Improvement Centre?

I am always in the Home Improvement Centre on Monday’s, Sunday’s and also Wednesday and Friday afternoons. The rest of my time will be taken up either by appointments with customers on or off site, speaking with installers and checking in on my emails.