Lifetime Homes Standards and Trade Windows

Lifetime homes standards from Trade WindowsThe Lifetime Homes concept is a really simple one. The idea is that homes are designed with certain features to make homes as accessible and as adaptable as possible to make life easier for older people and people with limited mobility.

The Lifetime Homes Foundation is made up of Age UK, TCPA and Habinteg Housing Association. It all came about after the Helen Hamlyn Foundation started a campaign which focussed on the impacts of an ageing society on housing design standards, supported by Habinteg’s founder, Scope.

The Lifetime Homes design criteria is a 16 point plan which details the technical considerations for enabling a property to be totally accessible and adaptable. It was all worked out by experienced architect Edwin Trotter, so there are plenty of details available in order for companies to offer Lifetime Homes-compliant products.

From the plan, points 4 and 15 are most relevant to the products we offer at Trade Windows: Entrances and Windows.

Lifetime Homes Designs – Need to Know


Under the Lifetime Homes Standard, all entrances need to be well lit, with clear opening widths, adequate weather protection, a level ‘external landing’ and have a level access threshold.

At Trade Windows, we offer low thresholds and flush thresholds for doors to make access easy for wheelchair users, the elderly and small children. And our doors can be custom-made to meet wider opening requirements too.

It means that our doors can be designed to adhere to the Lifetime Homes standards – which allows a maximum of 15mm ‘up-stand’ on a threshold and minimal effective openings of 800mm.


The main principle with Lifetime Homes’ windows is to have at least one in every room for a reasonable line of sight and the ability to use the window for ventilation.

Windows in the ‘principal’ living space need to be low enough that people can see out of them whilst they are seated – this is usually the window in the living room.

In every room, at least one window in every habitable room needs to be approachable and usable by everyone – including those with limited reach. So handles need to be at a lower height if residents are wheelchair users and they need to be easy to operate too. Handles or operations should be no higher than 1200mm from the floor

At Trade Windows, we’ve always been keen to offer the best range of high quality products with a reliable and trusted customer service. That’s why we’re listed in the Age UK Local Business Directory. As our products are manufactured by our sister company, we can offer bespoke designs that can adhere to Lifetime Homes’ design criteria to help make life at home better for everyone.