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Give your kitchen a breath of fresh air with Trade Windows

If you think your kitchen is looking a bit tired and needs a new lease of life, or perhaps you’re redecorating and want to inject a new style into your kitchen, you can achieve a completely different look by simply upgrading your windows and doors.

If your kitchen leads onto your garden, new, modern doors can transform your view and even the way you use the space outside. Wide span doors in particular are very much on-trend and not only maximise the amount of light you get in the room, but create a seamless transition from the inside to the outside, perfect for those sunny days and especially important if you have a south facing room.

Replacing your old windows is another simple and cost-effective way of giving your house a face lift. It’s important to have good ventilation in a kitchen, but you also want lots of natural light and a feeling of space. Installing new kitchen windows can give you that.

With modern technology and engineering, new windows or doors offer the thermal insulation you would expect and high security comes as standard. In fact, all our doors and windows are rigorously tested and have been awarded Secured by Design status – a scheme for home security set up by the Association of Chief Police Officers. At Trade Windows we have a range of kitchen windows and doors that suit every type of house, but here’s our guide to helping you decide what’s right for you.

Kitchen Doors

Wide span bifold, sliding or French doors are not only fashionable, so will instantly update the look of your house, but they are also ideal for letting in more light. The large openings wide span doors create mean you’ll have better ventilation when cooking, along with more space and access to the garden for al fresco dining.

Bifold Doors, Sliding Doors or French Doors?

Bifold Doors

bifold doors

Bi-fold doors have become increasingly popular and will give your house a Grand Designs makeover. You may think they are only used on modern properties but they can happily sit in other property types as well, giving traditional houses a stylish twist. They are sleek, modern and unobtrusive, yet easy to use and give you year-round access to your garden. They can be fully opened for outside entertaining and on hot summer days, or partly opened if you just want increased ventilation. Their slim frames improve the sightlines to the outside, yet the highly engineered frames still provide high levels of thermal efficiency. In fact, our bi-fold doors exceed building regulations for energy efficiency!

We offer bi-fold doors in aluminium and PVCu. Both are hard-wearing, weather resistant and very low maintenance. Our aluminium doors can be finished in any RAL colour, and we offer metallics, dual colour and textured finishes too so you have almost unlimited design options to ensure your new doors match the rest of your home.

You might decide to look at PVCu as an option, a choice which suits a range of different types of property. As with the aluminium frame, PVCu is designed to last and needs little, if any, attention during its lifetime. Gone are the days where PVCu had to be white! You can choose from a range of colours and finishes to ensure your new doors are an integral part of your existing house style, including dual colour to match the inside of your home. Whether you choose aluminium or PVCu, you can be sure your home will be secure and protected.

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are another alternative you may want to consider. As with the bi-fold doors, you can create a feeling of space and introduce more light into your kitchen by maximizing the amount of glass in the door and having slimmer frames. Our aluminium sliding doors do just that, while adding a modern twist to your home. The sleek doors have no protruding frames so you get an almost uninterrupted view of your garden. They also open up to make it so much easier to use your outside space for entertaining, or just for being at home with the family. Aluminium frames are increasingly popular because of their slim design and modern style but they can be used on traditional properties as well as new or contemporary builds. Because aluminium is so robust, our sliding doors can be used in the widest of spaces, and they won’t warp, twist or corrode – they can take the worst that the Derbyshire weather can throw at them.

We also offer PVCu patio doors which offer the same benefits of increased light and a greater sense of space. The perks of PVCu patio doors aren’t limited to the beauty of them. The low-maintenance nature of PVCu means that they require little upkeep and can withstand the Derbyshire downpours. This durability gives you a standout feature you can appreciate for years to come.

French Doors

French Doors are a classic choice of external door and suit most types of property. They will create a grand entrance to your garden from your kitchen, impressing your guests. They are also ideal if you have limited space inside the room as they open outwards. As you would expect, they come in a range of colours and finishes, provide excellent thermal efficiency and are also aesthetically stylish and elegant.

Kitchen Windows

Now you have decided what kind of door you want, let’s look at kitchen windows. Our windows, as with our doors, have numerous security features and offer incredible energy ratings to help keep your bills down. We offer our full window range in a variety of colours and finishes so you can match your kitchen windows to the rest of your home, and even have dual colours to match your interior. As with our doors, you can choose from either aluminium windows or PVCu windows, but which is best for you?

PVCu windows are a classic choice for homeowners in the UK, and are extremely low maintenance, weather-resistant and have a long life span. Aluminium windows offers all the same benefits as PVCu but provides more of a modern, sleek look. They are also incredibly strong, so are ideal for wider apertures. Double glazing comes as standard and all our windows achieve an A energy rating to keep you warm when you need it.

In terms of kitchen window styles, it’s important to think about ventilation in particular, but also light, space and matching the design of your kitchen. This will help you decide what kitchen window is right for you. To help you decide what is best for you, read our guide to choosing the right window style for your home.

There is a number of different window styles to choose from:

Casement Windows

These are always a popular and classic choice and suit most styles of house. They open outwards on one side and are great for increasing the ventilation in your space. Casement windows are usually made from PVCu but aluminium is also an option.

Tilt and Turn Windows

Tilt and turn windows are a fabulous choice as the dual purpose design gives you two ways of ventilating your kitchen. You can either open them fully from the side, or you can tilt them open from the top. This is ideal for kitchens where you may not need the window to be fully open, and where child safety is a consideration, but also if you have limited space outside the kitchen where a casement window would not be suitable, and for high-rise living. This allows you to tilt open the windows from the top, increasing ventilation while keeping warmth and safety paramount.

Sliding Sash Windows

Sliding sash windows add a timeless charm to older, period properties where original timber frames may be old, cold and rotten. Replacing them with modern sash windows instantly makes your house more energy efficient without any compromise on design. If you have a period property, take a look as sliding sash windows for your kitchen upgrade.

Bay and Bow Windows

Bay and bow windows look great in kitchens as they add space and light, making your kitchen a more inviting and charming space. We can install new bay and bow windows to replace your old windows, or we can install completely new windows in any large openings you have to completely transform your kitchen. If you’ve got a large wall you want to make use of to let in more light and add more space, adding a bay or bow window simple and effective home improvement solution.

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