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It’s time to… Spring clean

Spring forward this May and cleanse your home of all the traces of the cold winter months. As the days are getting longer, lighter and (sometimes) sunnier, why not set aside some time to give your home a new lease of life. Throw open your windows, let the fresh air in and get stuck in.

Whether your home is ready for a deep cleanse or you just want to give each room a little freshen up, it’s time to spring clean!

Living room

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Even if you regularly tidy your living space, it deserves some extra attention with a thorough spring clean. The whole family enjoy this room so making it a fresh, clean space will make it all the better to watch TV and relax in! Start by letting the light in – an open space is always perfect for spring and summer after you’ve been working all day. Our Lumi Frame-less windows are an ideal option for this, as they are designed with more glass and less frame. Letting floods of light in, transforming your living space into an open plan and airy area to relax in.


French doors

Another room that the whole family enjoys is the kitchen. All the hustle and bustle of making, preparing and (more importantly) eating your delicious meals is bound to create a bit of mess, especially with spending more time in the house. You want your kitchen to be a clean space for you to cook, so get your washing up gloves on and get scrubbing! Let’s not forget to clean your windows too, all the suds of cleaning the dishes sometimes splashes up the windows, depending on where your sink is of course, and can leave watermarks. Giving your windows a wipe down will create an uninterrupted view, perfect for gazing out at the sun beaming down.

You could have a look into investing in a new back door for your kitchen, so you can nip in and out between your home and garden. Our PVCu patio doors are an ideal choice, thanks to the low maintenance nature of PVCu. They are durable and require little upkeep and will withstand the forever unpredictable British weather, as well as every day use of a busy family.


 replacement solid roof

The perfect spot to relax in this spring will be your conservatory, an extra space in your home for you to enjoy the warmer weather. Throw open the doors, open all the windows and let the outside in whilst spring cleaning. If you find your conservatory getting too hot this time of year, it’s worth looking at investing in a replacement solid roof. Creating a comfortable space all year round, solid roofs help regulate the temperature and blocks out the glare, so you have the option to unwind in a cool environment.  Updating your roof will give your conservatory a new lease of life and will open up your home to endless possibilities – show off your spring cleaning and host a party!


 Tilt and Turn

Now is the perfect time to give your bathroom a freshen up. It’s perhaps the most important place to keep clean as the whole family uses it every day. Start by scrubbing the tiles, clearing out the medicine cupboard, washing your shower curtains and bathmats and don’t forget to check the windows. If you suffer from condensation, don’t worry, you’re not the only one! It’s a really common problem that has some simple fixes. It can cause damp patches which create mould, which no one wants in their house. Download our condensation guide for more helpful information on how to combat condensation. Making sure your bathroom is well ventilated and fitted with energy efficient windows such as our tilt & turn windows, will leave your bathroom as fresh as a daisy and free from mould.

The entrance

Esteem Composite Door

Now you’ve gone through all the rooms in your house, let’s not forget the entrance! Update your front door to give your home a new lease of life this spring. If you notice that your front door is looking a little tired, the colour has faded or the hardware has pitted, then have a look into investing in a new entrance. Our composite doors are low maintenance, so you don’t have to worry about the upkeep as much and it will last for many years to come.

With more people being able to visit your home, it’s the perfect chance to create a good first impression. Our wide range of entrance door options allows you to make an entrance to be proud of that reflects both your personality and home.

Freshen up your home with Trade Windows

If you’re interested in upgrading your windows, doors or conservatory this spring, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on 01332 755551 or come and visit our showroom where you can see our full range of products fully fitted and on display.