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It’s time to refurbish your conservatory

If you have an older conservatory, you’ll know the problems that you face with them. They can sometimes look separate from the house, especially if you’ve updated your windows. Not to mention that it’s either freezing cold in the winter or too hot in the summer to even think about going into the room. If you’re facing these issues, it’s time to refurbish your conservatory.

New tech advancements in conservatory roofing

Space is more valuable than ever now, whether you need it to work from home, for the kid’s home schooling or to get away from the family and have some time to yourself. With new tech advancements in conservatory roofing, it makes your conservatory a much better place for studying, working or relaxing

Making a quiet space

replacement solid roof

If you’re fed up of hearing the rain crashing down onto your current conservatory roof, the perfect solution is to renovate and switch to a solid roof. This transforms it into a quiet, tranquil space making it the perfect place for you to concentrate if you’re working, working out, or to wind down after a long day as the ideal place for meditation/yoga.

Controlling the temperature

With a typical old conservatory there’s no in between when it comes to the temperature. It either feels like you’ve stepped into a sauna or like you’ve just opened the door into your fridge… it’s a pain to keep those temperatures under control. Refurbishing to a conservatory with a solid roof will make your life so much easier, it massively reduces heat loss from the roof there’ll be no need to wrap up at this time of year anymore in your own home!

Style upgrade

tiled roof conservatory

Our tiled roof conservatories can also change the way you link your home to the conservatory by creating better flow within your home. In order to create that flow, you could look into getting our bifold doors that can fold either way in order to create more space and for your home to cascade from one room to another. Its great if you want to gain that extra living space.

The finishing touches

Anthracite Grey Skypod

Solid conservatory roofs are available in a range of colours, so you can complement the windows and doors in your home.

You can add extra light when renovating your conservatory with a solid roof, with roof lights across the ceiling so that you can create the right ambiance and tailor your space to make your home uniquely yours.

Our conservatories

If you don’t already have a conservatory, why not start from scratch? That way your space will be perfect from day one. Explore our website to see what design would suit your home best, along with one of our solid tiled roofs so that you’ll always have a quiet, warm space in the house to go to whenever you want, for whatever you want.

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