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It’s time to get your home ready for Christmas with Trade Windows

You may have seen all over social media that we’ve now passed the 100 day countdown to Christmas. There are some of us who think talking about Christmas in September – or any time before December 25 – is shocking. But for those of us who like to be prepared to have the most wonderful time of the year, this is the ideal time to start thinking about the big day.

Getting ready for Christmas isn’t just getting all of the gift shopping, wrapping and cards done. Passing the 100 day milestone is the perfect marker to ask yourself, ‘Is my home ready for Christmas?’. Will you be able to enjoy the beautiful sights the wintery weather brings like snowflakes flowing down from the inky black sky or icy frost glistening over the greenery of your garden, from inside without worrying about the windows rattling and the conservatory being too cold, giving you the chills while watching Strictly.

Or will you be able to enjoy decorating your home with a big, beautiful tree with gifts pouring out from underneath, without struggling to find the room?

If the answer is no, it’s time to get your home ready for Christmas.

Insulate your home for Christmas

Christmas window

One of the things families worry about over Christmas is keeping the home warm.

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without coming in from the icy, wintery weather into the comfort of your toasty warm home.

But for some, Christmas means coming into a cold home that just doesn’t seem to warm up, no matter how long the central heating is on for.

If this sounds familiar, there are ways that you can insulate your home and save money on your heating bills.

Investing in new windows and doors means your home will be able to retain the heat and stop any draughts from coming into your home.

Thanks to advancements in technology, windows and doors are now available with impressive energy efficiency and thermal insulation.

If you’ve got timber or older PVCu windows, upgrading to the latest PVCu or aluminium windows will provide you with better U-values and a choice between double or triple glazing.

The latest entrance doors – composite and aluminium doors – are made with high performance materials to prevent any cold spots in your home.

Homeowners with older conservatories often suffer with the issue of them being too cold in the winter, and too hot in the summer. This could be resolved by adding a solid tiled roof.This means that your conservatory will be a comfortable temperature all year round and will be able to stay warm on even the most biting winter day. You’ll no longer dread going into your conservatory – it will be an inviting space that you’ll enjoy curling up in to watch the snow fall.

Add extra space for Christmas

winter conservatory

Even without the house full to the brim with grandparents, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, grandchildren and family friends this year, you’ll still find yourself desperate for extra room to hide the presents, do the Christmas wrapping, place the decorations, hang the Christmas cards, play charades and board games and feast on the all-important Christmas dinner.

You can add extra space in your home with a conservatory or glazed extension.

A conservatory or glazed extension will add extra space to your home and can be made to your requirements. We’ll consider what you’ll use your extra space for and create the perfect room for you.

Create your very own winter wonderland this Christmas

It looks like trips to Lapland, the Christmas markets and Santa’s grotto might be tricky this year. But that doesn’t mean your family can’t feel the magic of Christmas.

You can turn your home into your very own winter wonderland if you have a conservatory.

We’ve written a blog giving you top tips on how you can Christmas-up your conservatory, read it here.

Our blog includes top tips on positioning your tree inside your conservatory, letting festive scents waft through your airy conservatory, adding fairy lights to create a starry night inside your home, and decorating your space for Christmas.

It’s time for Christmas with Trade Windows

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