Why You Should Invest In Your Conservatory Roof

Conservatory roof

Why You Should Invest In Your Conservatory Roof

Many of us like to keep an eye on the latest home improvement trends. It’s always good every now and again to redecorate the living room, have a new kitchen fitted or maybe reorganise the garden. It revitalises the home.

One room in the house that may have been left unchanged for longer than most and could do with a bit of an update is the conservatory. For many, the conservatory is often overlooked because we don’t tend to use them if they don’t provide a comfortable temperature.

This could be one of the main reasons why many of us don’t use our conservatories as much as other parts of the home. But there is now certainly more of a trend towards making the most of the space a conservatory provides and upgrading it.

One of the main reasons conservatories can be so sensitive to seasonal change is because of its roof. So before you can use your conservatory all year round, you may need to invest in replacing your conservatory roof.

If you decide to replace the roof with a solid tiled roof system, you can reap the benefits of having an extra space you can use whenever you want, for whatever you want.

A Tiled Conservatory Roof Creates Possibilities  

Investing in a tiled conservatory roof system allows you to use your conservatory in many ways. At Trade Windows we install the Equinox roof by Eurocell. The Equinox roof system is a tiled solid roof with added insulation on the inside to keep your conservatory at the right temperature. Because of the added insulation, it opens up many possibilities for how you can use your conservatory.

An Extension of Your Kitchen

Although conservatories are often used as a spot to relax in, they can also be an extension of other parts of your home. And a solid conservatory roof doesn’t mean there’s less light.

With either a plasterboard or tongue-and-groove finish on the inside, you can have lights fitted across the ceiling on the inside, and don’t forget, the room is still bordered by panes of glass, bringing plenty of light in.

With a solid roof and a bright space, you can now use your conservatory as an extension of other parts of your home. If you’ve always wanted to add a homely area to dine in your kitchen, why not use your conservatory for a dining table and chairs to enjoy breakfast with the family and entertain friends in the evenings or on weekends?

Open Plan living Area

Or your new conservatory roof can allow you to create open plan living. The Equinox solid roof stops the glare of the sun and the room heating up in the summer, and the insulation helps to keep the room nice and warm in the winter. So you can extend your living room or kitchen with a conservatory that brings the family closer to the garden. A comfortable place to watch a bit of telly and catch up with your family after a day at work.

A Garden Room

Although the garden isn’t as colourful during the winter months, some of us still want to be able to enjoy it. It’s probably a little too chilly most of the winter to be able to sit in it, but by installing an Equinox conservatory roof system, you can use it during those colder months as a garden room.

If you have big unobstructed windows, then adding an Equinox roof to your conservatory could make it the perfect garden room.

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