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How to make the most of the Bank Holiday at home

Nothing beats a Bank Holiday. We love the endless possibilities that the long weekend brings, and it’s even better that they fall when there is beautiful weather.

The few weeks before the Bank Holiday are usually consumed with arranging plans for the weekend, but we often find that prices for holidays or day trips skyrocket.

We’ve put together a guide filled with inspiration and ideas of what you can do to help you make the most of the Bank Holiday in Derby at home.

Summer BBQ


It’s a known fact that the nation’s favourite thing to do in the summer is to whack the barbeque on.

Why not make a plan to fire it up and invite your friends and family round for a weekend of food and fun in the sun?

Summer BBQs work superbly when the home and garden flows effortlessly into one. If you have bifold doors or sliding doors that lead out onto the garden, alfresco dining is made easier thanks to the way they open up a property to the outdoors with ease.

The large open spaces that the widespan doors create mean that you can drift inside and outside seamlessly, carrying the food and drinks you need without any struggle.

Bifold and sliding doors look best when fitted in dining spaces, meaning you can offer your friends and family the option of sitting at the dining room, enjoying the summer breeze and still being a part of the fun outside.

Garden games

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The August Bank Holiday isn’t noticed by children as much as they’re already enjoying their 6-week break. However, it gives parents a chance to spend some quality time with their children as for some reason, adults aren’t entitled to a 6-week holiday!

Plan a day of family fun in the sun with classic garden games like giant dominos, ring tosses and jenga.

Why not throw a family sports day? You could play bean bag games, wheelbarrow and sack races and tug of war.

You could even invite your friends and family around and have children play together, while the adults watch through the widespan doors in the glazed extension.

After the games you can have a garden picnic, easily carrying the food and drinks outside through the bifold or sliding doors, without having to squeeze past any children through the small back door.

Cocktail nights

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If you’re counting down to the much-needed Bank Holiday break from work, what better way to unwind than enjoying a few drinks in the summer twilight.

Invite your friends around for an evening of relaxing and catching up for your own cocktail party.

Cocktail masterclasses have become more and more popular in Derby, but rather than battle through the crowds during the busy Bank Holiday weekend, plan one at home!

It’s really easy to do – you can pick up a kit from most supermarkets in Derby or find a lot of the ingredients already in your cupboard.

You can make your cocktails in the kitchen and either enjoy them in your glazed extension, looking out onto the summer sky, or go out into the garden through your bifold or sliding doors and savour the summer night.

Visit Trade Windows this Bank Holiday

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For extra inspiration, the Trade Windows showroom will be open over the Bank Holiday in Derby on Saturday 10am – 3pm, Sunday 10am – 2pm, and Bank Holiday Monday 10am – 2pm.

Be sure to drop in to see how you can make the most of your home with widespan doors and a glazed extension.

You can also take a look at our Instagram and Facebook pages for inspiration and fill out a form online if you’d like to get in touch.