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How to choose the right entrance door for your home

Entrance doors make a huge difference to how the exterior of your property looks but they also need to be functional, secure, weatherproof, properly fitted and long lasting. So if you’re in the process of updating yours, have a read of this blog so you know how to go about choosing the best one for you.

Consider the material

When it comes to selecting a material for your front door, there are many different types of doors in the market ranging from composite, PVCu to aluminium. The best material option to go for is one that stands the test of time, so you can benefit from a door you love to come home to, without any hassle. All our composite doors require minimal maintenance to keep them looking fresh throughout the years.


glass options

You often see glazing on entrance doors, as it’s great for brightening up a dim hallway. Stained glass is a nice option in a period property as it adds a decorative touch. The amount of glazing homeowners opt for varies, some will incorporate a lot of glass to enhance natural light in their hallway, while others go for an ultra-modern seamless style with little to no glazing.

Complement your property

Many homeowners like to choose an entrance door that complements the era of their home. Replacing a damaged or warped front door with a beautiful new one that looks perfect with the aesthetic of your home makes a real transformation and is a great investment. Researching the period of your property will also provide you with lots of entrance door inspiration you might not have even thought of. Then you can work around these ideas and choose your favourite colour and hardware.

Focus on security

Trade Windows glass options

It goes without saying that security is extremely important when you’re choosing a new entrance door. The front door should provide the highest level of security in your property as it’s the most exposed point in your home. At Trade Windows, our entrance doors can be upgraded to Trade Secure – working with homeowners to secure their property against crime.

Think about durability

Don’t be tempted to buy a cheap product, entrance doors are used for everyday access, so should be built to last and withstand frequent usage. Our entrance doors are made to last, with the outer skin of composite doors being moulded through colour which are bonded to its solid core. Combining this with fully sealed edges creates a door that will never warp, flake, or twist.

Composite doors

Esteem Composite Door

If you’re looking for a front door that offers superior performance as well as exceptional style, look no further than our range of composite doors. Composite doors are a popular choice for many Derbyshire homes, due to the style, security, thermal efficiency and low maintenance nature of the construction.

PVCu doors

For endless design possibilities and a low maintenance entrance option, we also offer PVCu doors. Choose from our range of panel doors, which come with the choice of being fully glazed, with a wide selection of glass options.

Aluminium entrance doors

Spitfire S-500 Aluminium Door from Trade Windows

Make a grand entrance and update your Derbyshire home with our wide selection of stunning Smart aluminium doors. Whether you’re working on a refurb project or looking to upgrade the front of your home, making your front door Smart is the perfect choice for homeowners wanting to transform their homes and make an impact.


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