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How to choose bi-fold doors Derbyshire

Bi-fold doors come with lots of design and configuration options so you can choose those that suit your living space best. Taking into account how many sashes and which direction your bi-folds open will make sure that you have the perfect design for your home and lifestyle needs. This way, you can reap the benefits of your new doors, enjoying optimum functionality, making the most of your room.

Suiting your lifestyle needs

PVCu bifold doors

We can configure your bi-fold doors to suit your lifestyle so that you can carry out day-to-day tasks like letting the dog out and nipping out to the bins. It makes hosting garden parties so much easier too as you can have the option to completely open up your home to the garden or leave one door open in the cooler months. We work closely with you to configure you bi-fold doors to your lifestyle needs, whichever style you want for your home.

Choosing the material

Trade Windows Aluminium Bifold Doors

We offer aluminium bi-fold doors, which are a great contemporary way to add additional light into your living space and provide you with wide expanses of glass thanks to the sleek nature of aluminium allowing you to seamlessly connect your garden to your home with slim sightlines so you can enjoy open plan living.

We also offer PVCu bi-fold doors as an alternative material choice for your bi-folding doors. PVCu is a cost-effective choice which is ideal for new build and renovations, looking to upkeep a modern aesthetic. PVCu bi-fold doors are durable enough to withstand the hustle and bustle of daily life, making them perfect for allowing your family to nip in and out. they wont ever need to be treated or repainted, no matter what the unpredictable British weather throws at them.

Stacking options: Internal or external

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Trade Windows bi-fold doors offer a wide range of opening options, opening inwards or outwards and can be stacked left or right, open from the centre, end or in-between. Make sure to check how much space you have in your garden and living space in and around where your bi-fold doors are being installed. Remember to take into account that if you choose to have internal stacking that it can take up a reasonable amount of space in your home. In smaller spaces, internal stacking can be quite restrictive, so having the option to stack your bi-folds externally means you can enjoy your new doors without them getting in the way of your living space.

Panel size


Our PVCu bi-fold door openings can be up to six metres wide, with up to seven door panels. The aluminium range feature door sashes up to 1200mm wide, full height up to 2.5m high and are ideal for large openings up to six panes wide. Each of our options offer you design flexibility so you can tailor your new bi-folds to your living space and day-to-day life.


Bi Fold Doors

The PVCu bi-fold doors we offer feature a unique roller assembly which means your bi-folds can be configured to meet your preferences, including the popular 4/2/2 configuration as well as the simple 2/2/0 which is usually used for replacing existing patio doors. Our aluminium bi-folding doors also have a wide range of configuration options to suit your needs and for both aluminium and bi-fold you can have a traffic door which opening separately to the rest of your panes so that you can easily nip in and out without having to fold back all of the panes which neatly fold away, creating a completely open space to the outdoors.

Choose your bi-fold doors with Trade Windows

If you’re interested in adding bi-fold doors to your home, whether it be aluminium or PVCu, get in touch with our expert team and we will be happy to help and work with you to create the perfect home improvement project.