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How long does uPVC double glazing last?

When people ask how long does uPVC double glazing last, the short answer is a minimum of 20 years. However, this depends on a series of factors so there really is no accurate response. It’s like estimating the lifespan of a timber fence, a gearbox or a pair of jeans.

Two people buying the same make and model of car won’t get exactly the same longevity out of the vehicle. If one person lives near the coast and drives 30 miles a day, doesn’t get it regularly serviced or wash it frequently, while the other only drives 5 miles a day, lives in an unexposed area, gets regular services and takes great pride in the appearance of their car, then the results will likely be vastly different.

You would expect a car notching up high mileage without being properly taken care of to have a shorter lifespan than one that is used sparingly and is well looked after.

uPVC double glazing in Derby is no different in this respect. It depends on the quality of the product, how well they’ve been installed and the environment of the property they’re in.

Designed to last

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Modern uPVC double glazing is designed to provide far superior thermal performance than windows from the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s.

If installed in a sheltered location and not subject to any extreme weather, a uPVC double glazed window should have a lifespan of at least 25-30 years and more. Even when exposed to extreme weather conditions, they should last for 20 years.

How long do double glazed sealed units last?

A major factor on how long uPVC double glazing in Derby lasts is dependent on the quality of the insulated glass unit as well as the frame.

Even if the frame is manufactured to the highest standards and from the very best material, if the double-glazed unit fails then the window will no longer be functioning properly, and you will lose all the insulation benefits that it should provide.

At Trade Windows, we manufacture all double-glazed units in our own state-of-the-art insulated glass facility to offer the best possible quality and longevity.

Expansion and contraction

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A major factor in how long uPVC double glazing lasts is temperature. Although uPVC is resistant to rain, extreme temperatures can cause it to expand and contract. Over a long period of time, this can cause damage.

Changes in temperature also affects the Argon gas that is used for insulation between the panes of glass in the double-glazed sealed unit. As this gas reacts to extreme temperatures, it also expands and contracts.

This process, called thermal pumping, puts stress on the seals of the double-glazed unit, causing small fractures that will increase over time. These cracks allow airflow to be pushed out and sucked in as the gas expands and contracts, making the unit no longer fit for purpose.

Installation and manufacture

It goes without saying that the lifespan of any product depends on how well it has been made. uPVC windows and doors are no exception to this.

Also, if they have been incorrectly fitted, then this will have a detrimental effect on how well they perform and how long they last.

When investing in new double-glazed windows or doors, it’s vital that you choose quality products and have them installed correctly by skilled fitters. Poorly installed windows and doors are likely to suffer from water seeping between the frame and the brick, causing problems with damp.

Correctly fitted, uPVC double glazing should sit properly in the opening, be fully sealed and have no gaps.

For uPVC double glazing in Derby that is manufactured to the highest standards and installed by skilled fitters, contact Trade Windows to discuss your requirements.