Traditional composite door Derby

Finding the right composite door for my Derby home

Choosing the perfect front door doesn’t need to be a difficult decision. At Trade Windows, we want to help you find the right composite door for your Derby home.

A front door adds to the kerb appeal of your home as it is the focal point of your exterior. Front doors have a dual purpose of inviting people in, as well as keeping people out. Our composite doors are perfectly suited to every home. They can be personalised to fit all ages and styles of homes, from traditional to contemporary.

Benefits of composite doors


Our composite doors have a superior level of insulation compared to timber or PVCu doors. They have a 48mm thick solid foam core which keeps the cold air out and traps the warm air inside your home. Our composite doors are a popular choice for Derbyshire homes as the superior thermal performance doesn’t infringe on the excellent range of styles available. They have an excellent energy efficient rating of A++, making composite doors a great long-term investment.


Insulated secure composite door Derby

All our doors can be upgraded to Trade Secure for heightened security benefits. At Trade Windows we use 6.8mm laminated glass for doors on the ground floor. Laminated glass is composed of a polyvinyl butyral (PVB) layer of thin plastic fused between two panes of glass. This PVB layer creates more resistance, making the window difficult to pierce. If the glass breaks, as it is fused to the PVB layer, it should stay in place. This would protect your composite door from burglary, as well as protecting your family and any pets, should the glass break from impact.

In addition to Trade Secure glass, our composite doors have high specification glazing clips and enhanced security handles. Composite doors have a multipoint locking system with 6 chamber frames for added safety. These security benefits will help keep you safe and secure in your own home.

Our composite doors also have great sound insulation. Both the door and glass are thick enough to reduce the outside noise, making you feel safe and comfortable inside your home.


Composite doors are incredibly durable. They are made from a combination of materials chosen for their special features, in order to make a strong and resilient door. Our composite doors are made with a reinforced steel frame, a hardwood inner frame, and a foam core filling. These materials are covered with a solid GRP (glass-reinforced plastic) skin, which is damage-resistant. Combining these materials creates a door that resembles a classic timber door but has the energy and security performances of a uPVC door.


Glass Options

At Trade Windows, we know how important it is for your door to match the style of your home. That’s why we have several glass options for your composite door. Our glass is manufactured in Derby so you even have the option to design your own glass, by adding numbers or other personalised aspects.

Decorative glass

Trade Windows Glass Design Options

If you want an extra special look for your composite door, decorative glass is the option for you. Add traditional charm to your home by adding leaded, bevelled, or coloured glass. Leaded glass can come in a range of designs such as square, diamond, or Queen Anne. Bevelled glass is a great way to add an eye-catching feature to your door, whilst being unique to your home. Coloured glass adds a splash of colour to your door. It adds style and elegance to all properties, new and old.

Privacy glass

If your door sits close to the road, or you want to give your home more privacy, obscure glass is the perfect option for your composite door. This can be used to detract potential burglar’s attention, or keep nosy neighbours from looking in!

Toughened safety glass or laminated glass

Safety glass is a great option to give you extra peace of mind in your home. Toughened safety glass is thicker and stronger than normal glass, so it is resistant to severe force. Laminated glass is more expensive, but the added PVB layer offers many security benefits.

Double or triple glazing

Our composite doors can have energy rated double glazing, which offer impressive thermal insulation. Our double-glazed glass meets the BFRC window energy ratings standards and can be upgraded to an A rated window.

If you want even more protection against the cold, why not install triple glazing in your composite doors. Our high-performance triple glazing is a great option for houses on busy roads or in loud neighbourhoods as it is extremely effective for reducing noise pollution. It is also extremely thermally efficient.


Composite doors derby

Our composite doors come in a wide range of colours. If you want your door to have the appearance of a timber door, choose our woodgrain option. Our popular colours include black, blue, golden oak, green, red, and rosewood. We also have many premium colour options available.

Our Derby composite doors are made to last; they will never warp, flake, or twist. The outer skin of the composite doors are moulded through colour, which is bonded to its solid core. Therefore, once you’ve chosen the colour of your door, you will never need to paint it. Combined with fully sealed edges, our composite doors are a low-maintenance option, providing you with the perfect addition to your home.


If you have further questions about our range of composite doors for your Derbyshire home, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Alternatively, if you’re ready to get started on your project, get a quote now.