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Lumi Doors

Trade Windows are an exclusive supplier of Lumi doors, offering their stunning range of Lumi composite doors, Lumi fully glazed doors, Lumi bi-fold doors, Lumi lift and slide doors and Lumi French doors.
Lumi doors are unlike no other door, with their advanced glazing technology setting them apart from other doors on the market.

Lumi composite doors

Lumi composite doors offer an impressive entrance with high performance as well as a stunning look, with a pioneering new glazing system to make for a door that looks radically different to any other.
Lumi doors are renowned for their glass, and their composite doors come with a frameless, flat and uninterrupted glazing inset or a fully glazed side panel to illuminate your home and add a stunning amount of style.
Lumi composite doors will add beauty to your home whilst offering high energy efficiency and an extreme security performance, giving you a door that both looks and performs extraordinarily.

Lumi fully glazed doors

Lumi fully glazed doors will offer your home a ground-breaking design, with the whole door being made out of stunning Lumi glass.
This door is perfect for homes looking for a complete transformation, ideal for renovation projects or new builds, offering a modern style and a standout design.
Whilst being completely made out of glass, Lumi fully glazed doors will protect your home from the cold weather and any break in attempts with high performing triple glazing coming as standard on all Lumi products.

Lumi bi-fold doors

Bi-fold doors are a great way to add light and space to your home in a stunning and impressive way. Lumi bi-fold doors do all this and more by allowing more glass and less frame with a frameless design and special Lumi glass.
The advanced technology of Lumi bi-fold doors make them a beautiful addition to any home, allowing them to fold away seamlessly opening your home up completely.
Lumi bi-fold doors will offer a dramatic feature, ideal if you want to make the most of your garden views and add space to your home.

Lumi lift and slide doors

Trade Windows are an exclusive installer of Lumi lift and slide doors.
Lift and slide doors are perfect for illuminating your home with natural light, providing great access to your garden and adding a beautiful amount of space to your property by seamlessly sliding open to create a stunning connection.
Lumi lift and slide doors are made out of Lumi glass to give your home a stunning feature whilst achieving high energy efficiency and impressive security with the advanced glass technology.

Lumi french doors

Lumi French doors offer a chic and classic addition to your home with its beautiful fully glazed technology setting them apart from any other French door.
French doors perfect to add a chic and classic style to your home and the Lumi glass gives the door a modern and stylish twist, making them perfect for both modern and traditional homes.
Lumi French doors can make a grand entrance to your garden, using the double doors to lead out in a spectacular way.

The beauty and high performance of Lumi doors

Lumi doors offer both style and function, coming with a Lumi frameless glazing inset whilst achieving exceptional energy efficiency and security thanks to triple glazing as standard as well as anti-pick, anti-bump, anti-drill, anti-snap and feature Kitemarked cylinder lock barrels.

Trade Windows Lumi doors can be upgraded to Trade Secure – working to secure your home against crime. Trade Secure doors feature 6.8mm laminated glass for doors on the ground floor, or where there’s a flat or sloping roof less than 30 degrees where the first floor can be attacked, along with high specification glazing clips and enhanced security handles.

Trade Windows Lumi doors offer high performance to keep your home warm, with an excellent energy efficiency rating of A++. This high thermal efficiency makes them a long-term investment as they keeping your home warm and cosy, saving you money on heating bills.

We offer a guaranteed back insurance that you can rely on to give you peace of mind that our Lumi doors will keep your home safe and secure. For more information, contact our team on 01332 755551.

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