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Aluminium Entrance Doors

Make a grand entrance and enhance the beauty of your home with our range of stunning aluminium doors from Spitfire. Perhaps you’re working on a refurbishment or looking to upgrade your property. Aluminium entrance doors are the perfect option Derby homeowners wanting to transform their homes. Aluminium doors can be used in any project, as the bold designs are ideal for both modern and traditional properties looking to make a statement. Our German engineered Spitfire aluminium doors provide homes with sheer beauty, and are popular choice for homeowners who want to add exquisite style along with extreme performance to their property.

Exclusive luxury residential doors to make a designer entrance

Aluminium entrance doors are perfect if you want to add a unique elegance to your project, as the slim frames and glazing options allow for a stronger feeling of space.

An ideal choice for homes looking for a wider entrance, Trade Windows aluminium doors are available larger sizes to offer a striking opening.

Aluminium entrance doors offer the perfect mix of beauty, technology, security, insulation and durability

Not only do they look impressive, but our beautifully engineered aluminium doors offer excellent performance too, combining a fusion of security, strength, substance and style.

Spitfire aluminium entrance doors come with hi-tech precision locking, with the option of upgrading to fingerprint locking or key fob opening for a state of the art locking system.

The stunningly engineered doors offer an impressive amount of security with the inherent strength of aluminium offers, making them incredible secure to keep your family safe and give you peace of mind.

The high performance of our aluminium doors extends to the glass we use. All aluminium entrance doors are fitted with triple glazing, laminated safety glass as standard, which not only offers you increased security, but an extreme insulation too.

Laminated safety glass is thicker and stronger than normal glass allowing it to resist severe force, preventing your home from being broken into, as a layer of plastic is added to the glazing making it extremely hard to break.

Our aluminium entrance doors have been designed to reduce heat loss and keep your house warm by trapping heat inside, achieving exception energy efficiency and thermal insulation to keep your home cosy and reduce the cost of heating bills.

Designing your state of the art entrance with our aluminium doors

We have a comprehensive range of Spitfire aluminium doors, which can be designed bespoke to your property’s needs and your personal style to give you an entrance that offers both form and function.

If you’ve got a property that needs a larger door than most, our aluminium doors can be made to open up to 1m wide and stand up to 2.7m tall for the most impressive entrance to your home.

Style your aluminium door with built in LED sidelights, a choice of handles and a stunning selection of colours and finishes.

Spitfire aluminium doors offer endless design possibilities, as they can be sprayed in any RAL colour and are available in a range of luxurious wood, textured or carbon fibre effect finishes, meaning our modern performance doors be custom made to suit properties both old and new.

The colour option you choose can either make a striking statement or complement the rest of your property, and we also provide a dual colour option so your door can match both the inside and outside of your home.

Our impressive aluminium doors have been engineered to allow for low thresholds too, ideal if your home requires easy access for you or your family.

If you’re looking to transform your property, Spitfire aluminium entrance doors are the perfect way to do so. We also install aluminium windows to give your property a luxury upgrade.

With a range of bold designs to choose from, along with the individual needs of your project, come along to our impressive showroom where our friendly technical staff are on hand seven days a week with lots of ideas, as well as our impressive displays.

Trade Windows aluminium entrance doors can be upgraded to Trade Secure – working to secure your home against crime. Trade Secure doors feature 6.8mm laminated glass for doors on the ground floor, or where there’s a flat or sloping roof less than 30 degrees where the first floor can be attacked, along with high specification glazing clips and enhanced security handles.

Trade Windows aluminium entrance doors offer high performance to keep your home warm, with excellent energy efficiency. This high thermal efficiency makes them a long-term investment as they keeping your home warm and cosy, saving you money on heating bills.

We offer a guaranteed back insurance that you can rely on to give you peace of mind that our aluminium doors will keep your home safe and secure. For more information, contact our team on 01332 755551.

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