How to choose double glazing in Derby to match your home’s décor

As double glazing experts in and around Derby for 25 years, we understand that there’s so much more to picking your new windows than the exterior kerb appeal they offer.

Along with the maintenance, security and thermal efficiency of your new PVCu windows, you need them to match with your home’s individual interior style and décor too.

Whether you’re redecorating inside, or planning to, or perhaps you love the way your interior looks as it is, we can help you to pick out the perfect double glazing in Derby to match both the inside and outside of your property.

Choose from our wide range of double glazing possibilities to match your home interior

We offer a range of double glazing windows in Derby, including PVCu windows, aluminium windows and Lumi frameless windows, in a selection of styles, such as casement, tilt & turn, bay & bow, and sliding sash.

Each window offers a unique look, and can be tailored to suit your home’s individual style and match with the many popular interior design styles seen across Derbyshire homes.

If you’re looking for windows to match your modern interior décor, choose sleek and contemporary grey windows

The latest home décor trend is modern minimalism. This is characterised by crisp, clean lines, sleek style and a simple black, white and grey colour palette. Houses with this décor favour metal, glass and steel furnishing and features.

For double glazing in Derby to best suit these homes, we recommend contemporary windows such as slimline aluminium windows, Lumi frameless windows or PVCu windows in modern grey tones. Our aluminium windows are ideal for this, and are available in any colour so you can choose the perfect shade to match your interior, while our PVCu windows are available in dual colours so you can choose a sleek grey inside, and a welcoming white outside.

Give your windows an Ikea-style makeover if you’ve opted for a Scandinavian inspired interior

If your home looks like you’ve raided Ikea, you’ve gone for a Scandinavian style interior. Similarly to modern minimalism, Scandinavian inspired homes opt for a simple and understated look.

Homes with a Scandinavian look are functional, spacious and filled with natural light. There are pops of colour throughout, with bright plastic, and interested lines with a sculptural influence.

Our Lumi windows are perfect for Scandinavian style, with the immense amount of light they let flood through the frameless glass panes. PVCu windows can be designed to suit your interior, and we recommend our double glazed white windows with Georgian bars, in either casement or sliding sash windows styles to correspond with the lines that Scandinavian interiors favour. Alternatively, choose tilt and turn windows for optimum functionality.

Do your home justice with glamourous windows to match your glamourous décor

Hollywood glamour homes ooze luxury, opulence and dazzling drama.

In these homes, you’ll find velvet furnishing, metallic accents, and grand light fixtures. Colour schemes usually feature red, turquoise, pink and purple, with a base colour of either silver or gold.

If you’re looking for double glazing in Derby to add to this glamour and allure, we recommend our impressive Lumi windows, our aluminium windows in a metallic grey finish, or our PVCu windows in colours like Black Ash, Grey, White Ash or White.

Tip: match your hardware with the base colour you’ve used throughout your home, as our handles are available in White, Black, Gold, Bright Chrome, Satin Silver, Gunmetal, Antique Black.

French country style homes need chic and charming windows

Homes with warm, earth tones, natural wooden furnishing, and toile dashed throughout are most like French country style homes.

These homes favour rustic reds, yellows and golds, along with ornate decoration.

The ideal double glazing choice for French country influenced homes are PVCu windows in natural colours such as Light Oak and Irish Oak. We also offer timber alternative windows which replicate the authentic look of traditional windows, which are also available in a woodgrain finish. Sliding sash or bay and bow style windows are great for adding character and charm too.

Cottage style interiors look great in any home, and can be complemented with classic, light and bright windows

A popular home décor style we have seen in many Derby homes is the cottage style. These homes are the epitome of cosiness, and are charming and quaint too.

They feature a lot of wood furnishing, giving the interior a natural feel, along with light colours as a base and splashes of colours throughout. You might find layers of patterns too, mixing and matching with style.

If you’ve decorated your home like this, we know how snug and comfortable you want your indoors to be. If you have bay windows, it’s a great idea to turn them into window seats, perfect for reading and relaxing. If you don’t already have bay windows, we can install them brand new – just ask us.

Whichever window style you go for, PVCu windows with a white internal frame to make your home the lightest and brightest it can be, are a classic and timeless choice, ideal for cottage style interiors. Don’t forget, our PVCu windows are available in 30 colours, so you can match them with your exterior too.


We’re home improvement experts and can help you with your home transformation

There are so many unique and beautiful ways to style your home, so if we’ve missed your home’s individual style and décor from this blog, get in touch with us and we’ll help you to pick out the best windows for you.

The possibilities are endless with double glazing in Derby from Trade Windows. Drop into our showroom and home improvement centre on London Road to take a look at our huge selection and to chat to our team of experts. You can call us on 01332 755 551 to book a free home survey with us, or like us on Facebook to see some of our work.