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Create a healthier and happier home with Skypod rooflights in Derby

We are known to be the ‘Indoor Generation’, generally spending most of our time indoors rather than outside, whether it be by choice or necessity.

We spend more and more time indoors, from working long hours in the office, to enjoying evenings in front of the TV at home, often forgetting that having less access to the outdoors and natural daylight can actually have a negative effect on our health and wellbeing.

We aren’t embracing the outdoors like we used to, and therefore we have ended up having less of a connection with nature and to sunlight.

This can also have negative effects on our mental wellbeing, with more and more of us suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), or ‘winter depression’, due to the lack of light during the colder months.

To combat this, SAD LED lights are available to buy, however, studies have shown that we still strongly prefer daylight and naturally lit spaces over artificial light.

Artificial light just doesn’t have the same effect as natural daylight.

Artificial light indoors gives you around 500 lux, which is known to be ‘anti-circadian’. This means that it is working against your natural body clock. Natural light, on the other hand, gives you around 50,000 lux, and is circadian, working with your natural body clock.

Natural light also has many other positive benefits, such as regulating mood, strengthening the immune system, encouraging growth, lowering blood pressure and improving alertness.

With so much information about the positive effects of daylight, it’s highlighted just how important it is to create healthier, brighter and happier indoor spaces, with greater access to both daylight and the outdoors.

How incorporating daylight in your home can make a healthy and happy living space

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Creating a brighter, lighter and more naturally lit home needn’t be a difficult task. A really effective way is to look at installing roof glazing.

Our Skypod rooflights are the perfect solution for your Derby home!

The clever, multi-faceted design of our rooflights makes the most out of natural daylight, from all angles.

They work by making your living space much lighter, allowing the sunlight to shine directly through from above, which brings the natural light directly into the heart of your home.

Our Skypod rooflights incorporates larger glass areas with slimline, thermally efficient frames, to help create a well ventilated and insulated feature that ensures your home remains a comfortable and warm space.

The rooflights are ideal to add to one-storey building with flat roofs – making them the perfect option for kitchen extensions and orangery-style conservatories.

We can design our Skypod rooflights to complement your existing glazing, with a range of popular colour options to choose from, such as Anthracite Grey, Rosewood and Golden Oak, along with a variety of glass colour options.

We have two-bar designs available up to 1500mm x 7450mm and three-bar designs up to 2750mm x 8700mm, accommodating both small and large scale installations.

Trade Windows can help

Skypod Trade Windows

If you are looking to create a healthier and happier home, we can help!

We can offer you all the advice that you need when it comes to creating bright, light and spacious homes with double glazing.

From design, to choosing the right products and installation, our expert team can talk through your ideas and plans and offer their specialist advice.

Our showroom in Derby is open 7 days a week. You are welcome to drop by to take a look at our full-sized installations. We have a stunning kitchen extension designed to show off just how much space and light a Skypod rooflight can offer!

You can visit our showroom at 810 London Road, Derby, DE24 8WA, or call us on 01332 755551.