Solid Roof Conservatory

Conservatory home office ideas

Most of us have continued to work remotely beyond the pandemic, so now could be the perfect time for you to set up your very own conservatory office. Having suitable a space for you to work in means you no longer have to have a makeshift office in your kitchen with family members walking in, noise and other disturbances.

Work from home in a comfortable office space


The perfect spot to create a home office in your home is your existing, perhaps neglected conservatory. However, traditional conservatories tend to be difficult to keep warm in the winter and too hot and suffer from sun glare in the summer. If you don’t combat these problems it can become an uncomfortable workspace. You can eliminate these problems and create the perfect home office space with a replacement solid conservatory roof.

A solid roof for your conservatory transforms it into a proper room with an insulated roof, plastered ceiling and lightweight roof tiles that we offer in a range of styles to suit your home. The impressive insulation qualities makes the room much easier to keep warm in the winter and to cool in the summer months. The solid roof overhead also eliminates glare on your computer screen.

Conservatory home office conversion VS garden shed office

Glazed conservatory

Using a conservatory for your home office conversion as apposed to a garden shed office means you don’t have to worry about the placement of your electrics. Your conservatory is part of your home, so there’s no need to nip in and out for your lunch, tea and coffee trips or even leave the house when your work day starts.

Benefits of converting your conservatory into an office

  • Peace and quiet

With having a dedicated work space, you won’t be disrupted by people in your home. It also gives you some privacy as it has its own entrance.

  • Convenience

There’s no need for clearing your desk at the end of the day or commuting in rush hour traffic and you can close your door on work so that it doesn’t encroach on your home life.

  • Increase the value of your house

Even if you’re not thinking about it right now, should you ever choose to move, the versatility that a conservatory offers is a real selling point to potential home buyers. A solid roof conservatory presents buyers with a more permanent looking space that they can work with.

  • No need for planning permission

To build your conservatory without the need for planning permission, take note that it can’t be any bigger than 50% of the area around the original house. It can extend from the rear wall of your house by up to eight metres for a detached house and 6 metres for a semi-detached house. A rear conservatory can’t be higher than four metres, but if it’s within two metres of the boundary, it must be 3 metres or less in height. Separate to planning permission, building regulations will only apply to a conservatory that is more than 30 square metres of floor space.

As an added bonus, you can spend your day overlooking your garden in a light, comfortable space. This gives you that much needed break from looking at artificial lights all day long, creating a stress relieving environment.

Create a multipurpose space

Tile roof Conservatory in Derbyshire

With your conservatory featuring office space, you might want to take into account that on weekends, you’ll still want to be able to enjoy it. Creating a multipurpose conservatory would mean that you could use it for a dining area or living space as well as your office. Compact furniture will leave you with a comfortable dining space and if your conservatory is big enough for to have both a living space and an office, then this is deal for if you ever need to do a bit of multi-tasking.

Home office conversions with Trade Windows

Create the perfect home office conversion with the Trade Windows team. If you’re interested in looking into a replacement solid conservatory roof, or need some tips on how to make your dream home office, get in touch with us and we will be happy to help. If you’re stuck for ideas, visit our showroom in Derby for a walk around Trade Street.