Composite Door Styles

Looking for composite doors in Derby? Take a look at the different styles you can choose from at Trade Windows

We’re finding at Trade Windows that one of the main reasons composite doors have soared in popularity is because of the many different styles and designs there are.

No matter the type of property, location, when it was built or the homeowners’ taste, there is a composite door style to suit almost every single home.

On Trade Street at our Home Improvement Centre just off London Road, we have a range of composite doors. Take a look below at just some of the examples available to you from Trade Windows.


Composite doors, Derby
Anthracite Grey

One of the biggest trends in front doors at the moment is having a pull handle rather than a traditional door handle. Our Espirit composite doors are delightfully complemented with a pull handle.

Espirit composite doors are very modern and elegant looking and can bring a contemporary touch to older homes whilst being an integral modern element of new build properties.

To go alongside the modern look of a pull handle, our Espirit composite doors can also be fitted with a number of different glazing options. Each of the glazing options are quite subtle, but bring a real touch of class and a smart finish to the doors.

Like with each of our composite door designs, different letter plates, door knockers, sidelights, hinge positions and opening directions can be customised to suit how you want your door.

Elegance Arch

Composite doors, Derby
Wine Red

For those of us who really like the glazing on our front doors to take centre stage, the Elegance Arch design certainly does the job.

This composite door design brings plenty of light in to the home brightening up hallways and entranceways. The large arched area of glass can be customised to a pattern and look that you want, so it really allows your imagination to run wild.

Check out the example above of the Elegance Arch door in a vibrant wine red colour. Make sure you pop into our Home Improvement Centre to find out all the information you need to know about colours, glazing and finishing touches for this style of composite door.


Composite doors, Derby
Duck Egg

If you’re searching for a front door that gives you plenty of privacy but has an abundance of style, the Renown composite door design should be the first one you take a look at.

With quite a rural look the Renown design is most suited to countryside or small town properties like old stone cottages.  Made with almost one solid door panel and one small square glass area, Renown provides a warm welcome for any visitor. And it still provides the same great thermal efficiency and security to any home.

Eclat Arch

Composite doors, Derby
Black Grey

One of our more classically designed and popular composite door styles is the Eclat Arch. It mirrors the look of traditional wooden doors, a door which was really popular for many years and the style continues to be.

Made up of four panels with a glass arch at the top of the door, the design is a common sight across people’s homes.

Take a look at the example above of a black grey Eclat Arch door complete with a gold letterplate, gold handle and a gold knocker.

Stable Door

Composite doors, Derby

A traditional design with a modern resurgence, the stable door brings a lot of benefits to a home. With its recognisable top half, bottom half split, the stable door is useful in those hot summer months when you want to open the door to let some fresh air in but want to make sure young children and pets safely stay inside. Just simply open up the top half of the door and allow a fresh breeze to blow in.

The modern designs of today’s stable doors provide better security, thermal efficiency and can be customised like any other composite door in colour, glazing options and finishing touches.

Come and Say Hello      

If any of the above styles have caught your eye or you’d like more information about our other composite door styles and how they can be customised for you, call us on 01332 755551.