Brighten up your home with coloured windows in Derby

The windows of any home are an important design feature and replacing them can completely transform the way your house looks. As technology in the window industry has advanced over the years, so has the amount of choice available to a homeowner when it comes to installing new or replacement windows. You can expect any modern window to be energy efficient and secure, but you can also expect a wide choice of colours and finishes that will ensure your windows match perfectly with the rest of your house. It is important to consider what look you want your new windows to achieve as they will be there for many years, so think about what look suits your house type and your own personal taste.

The benefits of choosing PVCu or aluminium coloured windows

The benefits of choosing PVCu windows or aluminium windows are clear: they are weather-resistant, have a long lifetime, are extremely low maintenance and they come in a range of different window styles to suit every property. In addition, coloured PVCu or aluminium windows will not fade or flake, and will not need painting or touching up. Using coloured windows rather than white can make them stand out, or effortlessly complement the rest of the building, but they can be used to great effect to add to the visual appeal of your home. Dark frames, for example, can almost seem to merge with the glass during dull days or on a non-sunny side of the house, creating a seamlessly stylish feature. On the other hand, coloured frames can stand out against a stone house or cottage, meaning the windows themselves become a subtle design feature of the property.

Choosing the right coloured windows for your home

Choosing coloured windows is down to personal preference, but as a general rule, light coloured frames suit stone or buff coloured houses; grey or dark colours can stand out against red brick, and dark colours and metallics often work well in modern, contemporary properties.

Don’t forget you can also choose different finishes, so it is entirely possible to install timber alternative windows as replacement windows for old, draughty or rattling wooden frames and still achieve a classic and traditional look by choosing the right finish and colour, such as Rosewood, Light Oak, Irish Oak and Cream. This works extremely well in houses where old sash windows need to be replaced, and in heritage properties. You achieve exactly the style you want, while gaining from all the benefits of modern window technology.

You don’t just have to consider the outside either. What is suitable for the outside of the home may not be suitable inside, so take a look at dual coloured windows. This means you can have one colour on the outside and a different colour inside to match the décor of your home.

PVCu coloured windows are available in 30 beautiful shades

At Trade Windows, we understand that coloured windows can significantly enhance the look of your home. This is why we offer such an extensive range in both our PVCu window and aluminium window range.

PVCu windows are available in 30 different colours

Our PVCu windows are available in 30 colour and texture finishes – yes, thirty! Woodgrain finishes, metallics or colours are all there for you to choose from. White and light colours such as Cream and White Ash are popular choices, but darker colours such as Grey and Black Ash are growing in popularity as they add contemporary style. For traditional or heritage properties we offer colours such as Cream or White Ash, and we have a range of natural wood colours such as Light Oak, Rosewood and Irish Oak, which work well when combined with a wood-effect finish.

Choose aluminium windows in any RAL colour

Aluminium windows ooze modern style with their sleek, clean lines that can be sprayed to any RAL colour to ensure they are a perfect match to your home. RAL is a colour system that ensures perfect colours regardless of changes in light, and is a mark of excellence in coloured coatings. RAL colour options are almost unlimited, from creams and yellows to reds, blues, greens, browns, greys and, of course, black. To create a ‘Grand Designs’ feel to your home, narrow aluminium frames and increased amount of glass in each window can look beautiful with dark grey or black, particularly in a modern-style property – aluminium windows can be fitted to almost any style of house so the choice is yours. Aluminium frames in a cream colour for a stone property? Done! Dark grey against red brick? No problem!

If you haven’t considered coloured windows before, we think you will be amazed by the range of colours and finishes and how they can transform your home.

We can help you choose from our beautiful spectrum of colour options

Why not come and have a chat with us about colour options? Our team is happy to answer any questions you may have. You can call us on 01332 755551 or why not visit our showroom? We have the biggest home improvement showroom in Derby full of inspirational ideas.