Open Your Bifold Doors in Your Style

Trade Windows bifold door Derby

One of the most popular design aspects of bifold doors is the amount of choice they offer for opening styles. Unlike sliding doors which open in one motion, bifold doors open with a concertina effect, each bifold panel folds back on the next, or in different directions. They can also either fold inwards or outwards.

Because of this, bifold doors can be manufactured to open in a whole range of different styles depending on how you want your doors to open and the space you’re having them installed in.

Trade Windows fit both aluminium and PVCu bifold doors. You may already have PVCu or aluminium windows, so you’ll want your new bifold doors to match these and give your home one crisp look throughout.

When it comes to making your decision on bifold opening styles, there are number of factors to consider. Firstly, you need to know what different opening styles there are.

Bifold Opening Styles

Trade Windows bifold door Derby

Trade Windows sell bifold doors with 32 different opening styles to choose from, giving you plenty of choice. Bifold opening styles are set out in 3 numbers like 2-2-0. The first number refers to how many panels there are on your bifold door, the second refers to the number of panels that open to the left and the last number tells you how many open to the right.

The size of the bifold doors you want fitted will determine how many bifold panels you need to fill the space for your installation. Bifold opening styles range from small bifold door opening styles like 2-2-0, to large bifold door styles like 7-5-2. The image above shows all the different combinations you can choose for a Trade Windows bifold door.

Now you know the different opening styles, you’ll want to think about which one will best suit your home improvement project. Check out below some things you’ll need to take into consideration when choosing your bifold doors.

Your Space

One of the key things that will affect what bifold opening style you need is of course the space. If you’re looking to replace a whole entire wall with a bifold door to create one seamless space between your garden and home, then a large bifold door is what you’re looking for.

This means you are more likely to go for a bifold door that has 6 or 7 panels. There are 15 styles to choose from for really wide bifold doors, so you have plenty of options to go for.

Your Family Life

If you have young children or pets, you’ll want to make sure that your bifold doors aren’t getting in the way of their fun. If your bifold doors are opening out onto your garden where your children play and your dog likes to run about getting mucky, then you’ll want your bifold doors to open inwards so they are stored inside nicely out of the way of the children playing.

What material?

At Trade Windows we sell aluminium and PVCu bifold doors, so you’ll need to decide which material you want for your doors. If you’re looking for a door with low maintenance that will look great for longer, than an aluminium is the material for you. It also depends on your existing glazing and what material they are, as keeping a consistent look throughout your home can look amazing.

Both aluminium and PVCu come with a range of colour options. Aluminium in particular can be sprayed with any RAL colour so the options on colours seems endless. We are finding that greys are really popular at the moment.

Our PVCu bifolds also offer some fantastic colour options, with Golden Oak, Rosewood and Irish Oak. Each colour has a really warm homely feel to them, the perfect choice for your home.

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