Bring the ‘Grand Designs’ look to your home with Aluminium Windows

Aluminium Windows

Aluminium windows are becoming more and more popular with homeowners. They really are starting to become the go to choice over counterparts like PVCU and timber. It’s an affordable way to bring a ‘Grand Designs’ look to your home.

And it’s no wonder they are so popular when you look at the style and benefits that aluminium windows bring to a home. With a huge choice of colours and finishes, a whole range of different looks can be achieved helping to make any home stand out.

Aluminium itself is really easy on the eye. Its smooth texture and modern look makes it an ideal choice for modern renovations and new build properties. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t suited to traditional homes.

Thanks to classical finishes and styles, aluminium can be used to breath fresh life into older properties with tired looking windows or if you want to, give an older property a modern look.

If you’re thinking about replacing your windows, Trade Windows sell a range of aluminium windows that suit any property. Here are some of the reasons why aluminium, should be your choice of window.

Aluminium Windows Are Easy to Maintain

Unlike old wood windows which you have to repaint and maintain, aluminium is resistance to corrosion so it keeps its colour for longer meaning little or no maintenance for you to do.

Whatever colour or finish you go with, the windows will stay looking new for longer.

Aluminium Windows Are Strong and Durable

Aluminium windows are tough, and they like to make it tough for potential intruders.

Because aluminium is such a strong material, it provides added security for your home helping to stop attempted break-ins. Add to this security glass, and it gives you added peace of mind in knowing your home is secure. Trade Windows aluminium windows are also fitted with the latest multipoint locking systems, so your aluminium windows will truly be secured.

The strength of aluminium also makes it really durable, so it won’t warp, twist or expand, leaving your window in great condition for longer.

Aluminium Windows Keep You Warm

Thanks to advances in manufacturing, aluminium windows provide great thermal efficiency. They are fitted with thermal break technology which uses a piece of insulated material in between the two layers of aluminium to stop heat from escaping, to keep it in your home.

This makes aluminium windows a good choice for living spaces such as lounges and bedrooms as they provide great comfort.

Aluminium Windows Provide a Wide Choice On Colour

Shades of grey are one of the most popular colour ranges at the moment in aluminium. When aluminium was mainly just used for aluminium developments, greys tended to be the colour of choice and this taste seems to have continued with homeowners.

But it isn’t just greys you can get aluminium windows in, it’s any RAL colour which gives you a broad number of colours to choose from. There are colours which have a modern look and colours that can work wonderfully for traditional properties.

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