5 reasons to replace your timber windows

Windows are one of the most important features in your home. They not only serve to give you a view outside while protecting you from the weather outdoors, they need to look beautiful too. If you have timber windows, you may find that your windows are no long serving these functions as well as they once did. Trade Windows offer replacement timber windows to upgrade both the style and performance of your double glazing.

We offer PVCu timber replacement windows to give your home a traditional aesthetic of timber paired with the modern benefits that PVCu brings.
Timber alternative windows have a real wood appearance to give your home a classic charm, without the usual set backs timber windows can bring.
Here are 5 reasons why you should replace your timber windows with PVCu timber replacement windows.

The beauty of timber windows can often fade, while PVCu timber replacement windows look as good as new for years to come

The aesthetic appeal of timber windows is that they bring a traditional elegance and charm to homes, ideal for properties looking to retain their character. However, this can often be matched with peeling, rotting or splitting wood.

PVCu timber alternative windows replicate the look of real timber windows, with woodgrain designs and a choice of realistic colours, without the maintenance pitfalls real wood incurs.
Using PVCu eliminates the risk of peeling, rotting or splitting and the windows won’t damage over time, no matter what the Great British weather throws at them.

There’ll be no need to paint your PVCu timber replacement windows as their colour won’t fade, saving you a trip up the ladder every summer, making sure your windows never look old and peeling ever again.

Trade Windows timber alternative windows are available in 30 different frame colours and woodgrain finishes, including Rosewood, Irish Oak and Light Oak, giving you plenty of authentic options to choose from.

This reduced maintenance means that you’ll have a long lasting, hassle-free feature in your home for years to come so you won’t have to worry about your windows ever looking tired and unloved again.

Let cold spots and draughts be a thing of the past with timber replacement windows

Compared to modern double glazing, timber windows offer significantly less protection from the Great British weather outside.

If you’ve noticed that your timber windows are causing draughts and cold spots in your home, you’ll need timber replacement windows to keep your home feeling warmer.

Rid your home of rattling timber windows with timber PVCu replacement windows from Trade Windows.

Timber alternative windows reduce the draughts and cold spots in your home by providing a strong and secure barrier between your cosy home and the weather outside.

Our replacement windows are one of the most energy efficient on the market, with a six chamber profile helping them achieve the new ‘A++’ Window Energy Rating.

This high thermal insulation makes replacing your timber windows an investment as they will keep your home warm and save you money on heating bills.

The weather penetration doesn’t just make your house colder, it can cause major upkeep problems too

The weather outside won’t just affect the temperature inside your home if you have timber windows. If you’ve noticed that your windows have started to rot or that mould has built up, it’s important that you replace your timber windows.

Rain leaking in through timber windows causes problems both inside and outside for your home, as puddles of water can be dangerous if they leak onto your electrical sockets and can create damp patches & mould in your home. Outside, the rain can be detrimental to timber windows, leading to rotting and peeling, making for an untidy and damaged feature.

Timber replacement windows prevent rotting and peeling in the rain, and are manufactured to keep the weather outside, keeping your home leak free.

Replacement windows will keep your home safer than traditional timber windows

Security and keeping our homes safe is one of the biggest concerns homeowners have.

Replacing your windows with timber alternative windows will ensure that your family is safe and secure as the PVCu frames are impressively strong to keep any opportunist intruders out.

Timber replacement windows use high security six chamber frames and a multi-point locking system, so you have extra peace of mind that your windows are working to protect your loved ones.

Replacing your windows will upgrade the value of your home

We’re always looking for ways to upgrade our homes, not just for aesthetic purposes but to increase the value of our homes too.

Replacing your timber windows are a great way to do this due to all of the advantages that they bring.

They’re a superb way to bring your home traditional beauty, with 21st century benefits.

Perhaps you haven’t updated your timber windows because you don’t like the look of white PVCu and it might be important for your windows to retain their traditional, real wood look if you live in a conservation area. This means that your replacement windows must preserve the character of your home and its surroundings.

However, this doesn’t mean that you’re stuck with your tired, old timber windows nor do you need plain white PVCu. You can upgrade to timber alternative windows that maintain the traditional charm and elegance your home needs, while giving your home a fresh upgrade.

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