4 Reasons To Choose A Composite Door For Your Home

Composite door, Derby

Over recent years, homeowners want a front door that not only looks good, but is low maintenance and stands the test of time. Doors which don’t fade or warp are a really great investment for any home.

Sometimes people can overlook the fact that a great looking entrance door can revitalise a home. With a composite door you can have a front door that is completely different and the envy of your neighbours.

Composite doors have grown phenomenally because of their high-quality look, and their material that makes them extremely resistant to the effects of weather and regular use, to leave homes with an entrance door that welcomes visitor’s year upon year.

Here at Trade Windows, we have been working on more and more composite door installations across Derby as an increasing amount of people recognise the benefits of having a composite door fitted in their homes.

Here are our four top reasons as to why we think composite doors are so popular with homeowners.


If you want your front door to stand out on your street, then a composite door will do the job. We have the biggest range of composite doors in the region with a wide range of choice on not just colour, but style and glazing options, too.

We have over 40 colour options, 27 door styles and 12 different glazing options to give each and every different homeowner the option to find the front door they want to welcome visitors to their home.

We’re finding that minimalistic doors with really interesting glass panels and pull handles, are proving very popular. It gives their door a really different look and feel.

Or if you’re looking for a door with that little bit more privacy, you can choose a solid composite door like our cottage style.

From duck egg to charcoal, composite doors provide amazing choice on colour to suit you. The biggest display of composite doors in Derby is on show on Trade Street in our Home Improvement Centre just off London Road. So if you want some inspiration for your new front door, make sure you take a look around and speak with a member of our team.


Security is also at the top of your checklist when looking for a new front door. You won’t have to worry for one second about security with a Trade Windows composite door.

At Trade Windows our composite doors come with a six-point, hook bolt locking system as standard to ensure your family and your possessions are safe at all times. There is also the option to upgrade your lock, which provides even further security to your new front door.

Easy to Maintain

Composite doors are made from a mix of materials which make them extremely durable and resistant to the effects of weather.

Even if you live on a busy main road where the air tends to be filled with a little more debris from the cars passing by, your composite door will still very rarely need cleaning.

And the finish on our composite doors are resistant to any weather. Even with heavy rain and wind in the winter or the glare of the sun during the summer, a composite door will remain unaffected by the elements and keep its fantastic look and colour.

Thermal Efficiency

When you’re replacing your front door, you’re not only looking for a door that looks great but you also want it to stop heat escaping from the home, to keep you warm and help lower your energy bills.

The combined mixture of materials in a composite door with a foam core makes it really thermally efficient.

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