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Monthly: March 2017


Eliminate Cold Spots and Draughts in Your Home with Energy Efficient Windows In Derby

Is there a certain part of your home that always seems to be cold no matter how long for or how high you have the heating on? If there is, your home may be suffering from cold spots.

Cold spots are areas in the home where a gap or hole sucks the hot air to the outside world making that area feel colder than the rest of the room. So even if you have the heating turned up, it will still feel cold in that space.

Cold spots can be caused by a number of things. They are usually located in your home near doors or windows that may be aging or haven’t been installed correctly. It can become a real problem as it can make a living space uncomfortable.

So, it’s important to identify what is causing cold spots in your home and eliminate it. There are some simple tests that you can carry out to see where the cold spot is located. The hand test is the easiest. Hold your hand about 30cm away from the window and move your hand around until you can feel a draft.

Another easy method is to use something that emits smoke. You can place an incense stick on the window cill or near the door and watch carefully to see where the smoke goes. If the smoke is attracted to a certain area of the window or door, then you have a good indication that that’s where the cold spot is.

How To Eliminate Cold Spots

After you’ve done the test, you now know what is causing the cold spot in your home. If it’s a gap around the window, or between the window and the wall, then replacement windows can get rid of those draughts and cold spots.

Installing energy efficient windows in Derby that are fitted correctly, can eliminate cold spots and draughts and allow you to turn your heating down. Even though you’re turning your heating down, you will actually be warmer than you were before your windows were replaced. That’s the impact that removing a cold spot can have on your comfort.

You need to make sure that you are choosing new windows, that not only have energy efficient frames, but also have energy efficient glass. The type of glass can have a major effect on the temperature in your home and help you to lower your energy bills.

Energy Efficient Windows

Trade Windows installs energy efficient windows, fitted with highly energy efficient glass. We do windows in a range of different styles including casement, flush sash and heritage. Our windows achieve a minimum energy rating of C and can come with an energy rating of up to A+.

Our windows also come with the option of double or triple glazing which help to make your home more energy efficient, but it’s our glass that can especially help to bring your energy bills down.

We are a installer of PLANITHERM, Europe’s leading energy efficient glass. Manufactured by Saint-Gobain, one of the world’s biggest providers of building products, PLANITHERM is made with intelligent energy saving technology. Both sides of the pane work to keep as much heat in your home as possible.

The outside of the glass allows heat to pass through it with ease and the inside of the pane is covered with a special coating which reflects heat back into the home so it can’t escape. This technology helps to eliminate draughts and reduces the chance of cold spots. PLANITHERM is actually 3 times more energy efficient than standard single glazed windows so you can save money on your bills and spend it on something you enjoy.

Speak To A Member of the Team

If you want to eliminate cold spots and draughts in your home, come to the Trade Windows Home Improvement Centre just off London Road in Derby to speak to a member of our team about choosing energy efficient windows. Or call now on 01332 755551.


We Install Europe’s Leading Energy Saving Glass In Derby

Lower Your Energy Bills with Energy Saving Glass In Derby

Making your home more energy efficient is one of the best ways to keep monthly bills down.

There are lots of ways to save energy. Install energy efficient light bulbs around the home, switch things off when you aren’t using them, keep your heating down. These are all good ways to save energy but one of the best ways to help lower your energy bills is to upgrade your windows with energy saving glass.

Did you know that almost 30 percent of all heat loss in the home escapes through the window? Going for double glazed or even triple glazed windows does help to make energy savings but there is still more you can do in the short-term, to bring you benefits in the long-term.

Energy saving glass is on your side when it comes to helping you save money. At Trade Windows in Derby we install PLANITHERM, Europe’s leading energy saving glass, and we install it in homes all around the local area.

How does PLANITHERM work?

PLANITHERM is a Saint-Gobain glass product. Saint-Gobain is one of the biggest companies in the world that provides building products, from roofing to glass.

PLANITHERM works in two very clever ways to make sure heat can’t escape your home. Using advanced coating technology, the PLANITHERM pane on the inside of the home reflects radiated heat back into your home to stop it escaping into the outside world.

The outside of the pane also helps to bring more heat into the home. It allows heat to travel through it with ease. So you have both the inside and the outside of the glass working together to keep your home warm and cosy. PLANITHERM’s insulation can be up to 3 times more efficient than standard single glazed windows.

What Else Does It do?

PLANTITHERM isn’t just about making your home warmer and helping you to make savings on your energy bills. It also allows light to travel into your living space more easily and helps to reduce draughts and it almost eliminates internal condensation.

The PLANITHERM panes of glass are haze and tint free which helps to maximise light into the home. This does also help to save costs on energy as you can keep your lights off for longer.

The intelligent technology PLANITHERM is built with enables it to reduce draughts and cold spots around the window too.

We’re a PLANITHERM Installer

We are part of the PLANITHERM Installer Network. It’s a nationwide network made up of installers and home improvement companies who are committed to providing energy efficient glass to homes using PLANITHERM.

As a PLANITHERM installer we have all the technical information and guidance to make sure you find the best energy saving windows and doors for your home.

We can provide you with the advice you need to choose the right style of window and help you with everything including measurements and quotation right through to the final installation of your door or window.

We have worked across lots of projects that involves fitting energy saving glass in Derby, so if you’re interested in upgrading your windows to help save money on your energy bills, call us on 01332 755551.